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my side of the story

I saw a girl with black pants and a cloak on over a orange shirt picking a lock on the library door. I ran to see what
she was up to. I was walking silently behind her about 12 feet, trying not to get caught. When she stopped I
sumersaulted behind a desk and waited for her to return back to her job on getting books off of shelves. I heard her
say,"Is someone there?" I grinned and whispered,"Yeah. Me." only so I could hear it. I reached inside my sleeve and
pulled out a device that looked like a hearing aid. I stuck it into my ear and listened to what she was saying. I
heard,"Wonder what he's doing in this file?" I stood up and started to realize that she was just a young student looking
for a research card. When I started to leave I smelled smoke behind me. I turned around and saw the girl strike another
match and walk away. I hurridly ran out of the library. I went to my alleyway and watched the girl calmly walk out of
the library. I heard a clink behind me and spun around to see that a smoke bomb was thrown my way. I felt myself growing
drowsy every minute that I watched the girl walk away. 
When I woke up I was in a room and a person with a doctors mask over their mouth looking down at me. I suddenly felt
drowsy again and blacked out. The next time I woke up I was in the hospital being watched by my fellow spy agents
dressed to look like my parents. They gave me a thumbs up. I waved for them to come inside my room. I asked,"What
happened?" All they said was,"Your an honor to have on the force." I asked again,"But what happened?" They just looked
at me with sympathy and said,"You're dying." Then they left me. I cryed myself to an uneasy sleep. Thinking of the
wonderful and eventful days I had with the Spy corp.Then all went black and I never woke up again.

~dedicated to my grandfather who died at an alleyway~
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  Raybug — Page created: 17 February 2007
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ErinSecretSpy says:   17 February 2007   333826  
ahh thats so sad !_! 3rd entry
Raybug says:   17 February 2007   237895  
it's ok. he's in a better place now.
Raybug says :   17 February 2007   461267  
thanx for caring

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