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Me Myself and I

♥♥♥I dream of you all day and night, and my desire for you unwinds like a poisonus Snake♥♥♥ Hi,, Im Cori,, I Have Bluey Green Eyes, Blondy-Brown Hair But I Dyed I black-Brown,, Im a pretty extravagant person and I always want my own way with EvEREYtHiNG, Me ME ME - What I Like,, Well I like Eating sushi, Going shopping,, I love watermellon, Jeans (I refuse to wEAR ANYTHING ELSE) I really LoVE chocolate I cant go a day withOut It, Nor lollies or Apricot Slice! or Fudge,, anything Sugary... xxxxxxx People sometimes say Im a OVER-ACHIEVER,, But I say They are just a BIG-DIDDLEY-DUMBO-IGNORAMUS-D UM-DUM-POO-HEAD,, i do actually say that,, Ask Dayna,, My Favourite colours are Black, Blue, Red, White, Pink and mabee sometimes Bright Green! i love listening to my ipod and texting all my friends, but i lots of love Sleeping in my Bed. Well Thats Me, Cori The Random Guy, ♥♥♥ Love me, love you, love him, love her, love that. ♥♥♥ Me Love McR : -Famus last Words- Gender : Male Hometown : Auckland, Massey, My House, My Bedroom, My Bed, My Pillow, My Big Blue Blanket, My Pyjamas, My Hair New Zealand Dontsaymy Nameoutloud's URL Music ♥♥♥ MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, The Mint Chicks, Breaking Benjamin, Left Out, AFI, Regina Spektor, Enigma, 30 seconds to mars, Alanis-Morissette, Paramore, green day, evanessence, Natasha Bedingfield, THE KILLERS, good charlotte, Panic at the Disco, ATLAS, MARILYN MANSON, The Used, FalloUt Boy, Taking BAck Sunday, Disturbed, Linkin Park, The Fray, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Operator Please, Smashing Punpkins, Swithcfoot, Falter, Silverchair, and more more more! Movies ♥♥♥ !!!NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!, !!!CORPSE BRIDE!!! Serenity, PoseiDon, Harrrry PottEr, FindIng NemO, KILL BILL 1&2, Eragon, The Skeleton Key, Curious George, Oceans 11&12&13, King Kong, The Chronicles of Narnia, House of wax(SCary) , Aeon Flux, STEALTH, V for Vindetta, Click, Fast and the furious 3, Mighty Joe Young, The tuxedo, final destination 1, 2, 3, and otheres Programmes ♥♥♥ GHOST WHISPERER IS THE BESTEST MOST AUSOMEEST PROGRAM EVER YOU LIKE SOOO HAVE TO WATCH IT ITS ON IN NZ ON TV2 MONDAY 9:30PM!!! wATHCH iT! The GriM adVENTurES Of BiLLy AnD MAnDy, Veronica Mars, bROTHERS & sISTERS, Primeval, LOST!, Nip/Tuck, Two and a half men, Family Guy, UmmN, Greys Anatomy, Prison Break, South Park, Happy Tree Friends, JacOb TWO-tWO! Simpsons, Home and Away, AFV, Despertete Housewives (KOOL), Insert Video Here, Scrubs, Shortland Street, NCIS, The Closer, Vodafone select live, AHHH! REAL MONSTERS!, Barney, Elmo's World, Studio 60 on the sunset strip, Dirt, Futurama, and a few more but I cant ramember them Scared Of ♥♥♥ Angry People, The sight of some people, Scary People, And oh My GoSH !!!PORSELINE DOLLS!!! Happiest When ♥♥♥ SlEEPING, TALkING, TALKING SOME MORE, not at school, no homework, In Love, With friends, watching a mooviee or teeve, or shopping with heaps of money and heEaps Of FrienDS, i could go on all day ♥♥♥My Heart in Your Hands♥♥♥ _____66666________99999_____ ___6______66____99______9___ __6_________6__9_________9__ __6__________69__________9__ ___6_______6____9_______9___ ____6____6________9____9____ _____6_6____________9_9_____ _____66______________99_____ ___6___6____________9___9___ _6______6__________9______9_ 6666666666666699999999999999 __________6______9__________ ___________6____9___________ ____________6__9____________ _____________69_____________ Walla Walla ♥♥♥ ALIENS(And Scary Ubducting People Who Love ME and Only ME) ARE COMING TO ABDUCT THE ''people wth fantastic looking hair'', YOU WILL BE SAFE, I'M JUST SAYING GOODBYE. :P
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