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My band's song list

Well, technically, this is the new list we're playing. The ols one was very weird to the people who pay us to play.
This is more modern.

Angel - aerosmith
poison - alice cooper
blue - birthday massacre
i was wrong - social distortion
enter sandman - metallica
drain the blood - the distillers
i love you love me love - joan jett
i hate myself for loving you - joan jett
nothing else matters - metallica
silver - nirvana
saint - marilyn manson
sweet dreams - eurythmics
the bleeding - five finger death punch
my immortal - evanescence
call me when you're sober - evanescence
dirty deeds - acdc
starstrukk - 3oh!3
ET - katy perry
kiss n tell - kesha

this is only a snipet of it. 
Hope you enjoy our music!
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‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   29 May 2011   508121  
Hello, people!
I have created this site to ask people's opinions about the stories and poems that I
write. If you think of some ideas, please don't hesitate to tell me. 
Thank you,
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   29 May 2011   667187  
Alone in an abandoned cemetery,
I wait for the unending night.
The moon is bright and white,
But there is no shed of light.
In the distance I hear a sound,
Of a wolf barking.
The fear travels up my spine,
Life suddenly sparking.
I run for my life through the dark,
Leaves flying through the air.
I hear it bound toward me,
Here, in this dismal dispair.
The moon goes behind a cloud,
And i hear a man groaning.
I look back to where it was,
I see a man in painful moaning.
Slowly walking closer,
I recognise his face.
His animalistic eyes,
Glowing in this dim place.
He crawls closer to me,
His arm outstretched.
But the smell of decaying earth,
Made me turn and retch.
Somehow i knew this man,
For he said my name.
And what I realised with horror,
I was in this game,
This game of what could scare me,
Of what could give me a chill.
Of what would make me cry,
And what could make me shrill!
I turned back to the man,
His pleading eyes.
I wouldn't just leave him,
Not with his mournful cries.
So I pulled him up and helped him stand,
As I dragged him with me.
His feet kept up with mine,
As we ran as fast as can be.
The moon came out,
Lighting some of the gloom.
The man suddenly straightened,
And over me he did loom.
I cried out in terror,
As his nails became claws.
His eyes began to bulge,
And his hands became paws. 
He was a werewolf,
Just like I had read.
But the look is his eyes,
Made me realise I was dead.
I don't remember what happened,
I don't know what he'd done.
But all I know is,
That me all did shun.
Now, every full moon,
When the moon is bright,
I become a wolf,
So hide you children from the creatures of the night!
chrissy_is_nice says:   3 June 2011   898083  
i like the music choises! =)
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   4 June 2011   817181  
Yeah, so do we. The wide variety gets more people dancing
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   5 June 2011   766245  
The moon shon bright, throwing white light through the openings in the canopy. Lori
Parker pushed a stray strand of black hair out of her face as she and her troop
stalked through the dense Forest of Dakia. The planet was overrun with mutant animals
and massive insects, not to mention the amount of mutated human being running around.
No, Lori had her sights on one thing, the object of their mission; Saxon Black, a
murderer, kidnapper, arsonist, everything. He was wanted on nearly every planat, and
had eluded all hunters. Lori was skilled beyond those around her. She had abilities
to aid her. Her eyes could sense heat and see in the dark. Her nose had senses better
than a canine's. Her hearing was highing than any creature. She was faster and
stronger than anything, due to the fact that she was born from a testtube in a
science lab on Pution. A sudden change in sound made Lori's head snap to the left.
She faced her gun towards the sound and started to walk, slowly. Her eyes picked up
the gowing blue of a human behind a massive tree, so she turned slightly and went
around the tree without making a noise. But, something heavy, solid and male landed
on her and sent to crashiing to the ground. The breath was knocked from her snall
body as she stared at the man crushing her into the plants shielding them from the
others. He covered her mouth and flattened himself on her. She scrirmed, but he used
his knees to hold her legs together. When the sounds of the troops passed, he let her
mouth go and she flippped him over. Straddling his waist, Lori shoved his broad
shoulders down and lookat his face. At once she knew that it was him. Saxon Black.
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   5 June 2011   798817  
My new idea. Its called "Bloody Ties". Enjoy this snipit of the first chapter and
reply black, guys!
starlove says:   17 July 2011   836180  
this is cool :] i have a band too whats urs named?
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   24 July 2011   230859  
We're called "The Ragdolls". What about you?
starlove says:   27 July 2011   554940  
we are "600 miles away"
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› says:   1 August 2011   195876  
Cool name. Reminds me of the song 'Million Miles Away' by the Plimsoles. What type
of music do you guys do? Ours changes every show but its about the same. But we play
alot of Metallica, HIM, Korn, Slipknot, Birthday Massacre and the Distillers. Also we
cover some Joan Jett songs. Its good I have a deep voice for a girl
‹<3*Demon's_Angel*<3› shouts :   24 October 2011   871973  
Oh my god, my band has now officially broken up. Two of our players have moved to
america and we're pretty upset about it. We dont have any time for it now, so yeah
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