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30 F Canada
speaks English
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 *~Martial Arts Voodoo Witchcraft Training Centre Of Doom!~*

My name is Raven but call me Rae. Some also call me Rairy because i
like fairys. 
My hobbies are listening to music like classic rock, drawing cartoon
characters and writing fanfics. 
I am an ex-self harmer. I regret that I started. And I regret all the
pain I caused others because of it.
I dont believe in God. Im Bi. And I'm taken by the most amazing guy
ever <3
I can get really hyper and i blurt out random things.
I have shoulder length black hair I now have purple streaks. My eyes
are really green.
My fave colours are blue and purple.
I can be stubborn and i do have anger problems. I smoke. I work at
WalMart stocking shelves. I love coffee and comic books.

I also play Bass it's red with a cool tribal design my sister drew in
black sharpie. And I play the guitar. And drums.

I LOVE classic rock. But Im also in love with My Chemical Romance.
Their music got me through some tough times.

Fave Movies:
Breakfast Club
The People Under the Stairs
The Crow (the 1st one though the 2nd wasn't bad)
Death Proof
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Once Upon A Time in Mexico
Friday Night Lights
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Shining
John Carpenter's Vampiers
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Ghost World

Fave Shows:
Invader Zim
Teen Titans
Storm Hawks
Class of the Titans

Fave Actors:
Garrett Hedlund 
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Richard Horvitz
Steve Buscemi
Bruce Willis
George Clooney
Johnny Depp

Fav Comics:
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Tank Girl
The Crow
Teen Titans
Ghost Rider

Fave Pairings:
Remus / Sirius - Harry Potter (best slash pairing ever!)
Dean / Castiel (2nd best slash pairing ever)
Lex / Hawk - Detroit Rock City (3rd best slash paring ever)
Zim / Dib - Invader Zim (4th best slash pairing ever)
Zim / Gaz - Invader Zim
Zim / Tak - Invader Zim
Dib / Tak - Invader Zim
Harley Quinn / Joker (I mean come on it's the best villan couple
Allison / John - Breakfast Club
Allison/ Andy - Breakfast Club
Nikki / Jonsey - 6Teen
Danny / Ember - Danny Phantom (Yes I do like this pairing. Sadly there
arn't many fics about it)
Leslie / Alec - St. Elmo's Fire
Raven / Beast Boy
Raven / Robin - Teen Titans

Okay yea I like alot of pairings, and I couldnt choose my favorite
Invader Zim pairing so I just put all of them xD

My cousin has an account too Hot_boy_69

I've decided not to leave this site! Yay!

And I think J.K Rowling's a bitch for killing off Lupin and Tonks.
Wouldn't be as bad if she only killed one. But was both really
necessary I mean they just had a kid for Irk's sake. I don't really
like this pairing but you have to feel for them. Though I never
realized why JK never got Remus and Sirius to hook up. I mean we all
know now that she has nothing against gay characters and there are
alot of people out there who think they are perfect for each other.
More so than Remus/Tonks anyway. I miss Fred too.

And yes i'm aware my oekakis suck eggs but i just like to draw randown
things. In real life i'm a pretty good drawer but i'm horrible at
drawing on the computer. So my oekakis are just random things that i

Well enough about me. How bout you?!

I got a tattoo!! Woot! It hurt like a bitch but it looks so good. It's
a purple rose.

I'm engaged! Well its more of a promise thing since we want to wait.
But still!

Sorry to those I havnt really answered. I kinda forgot about this site
for a while. But Im back now!


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[] You know what a brolly is.
[] Deal or No Deal has...
21 Aug 07
This is a Supernatural story that I came up with earlier today and I havn't had time till now to...

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Q&A Section   
tayTOPIC 12 Dec 07  
hey i love 4 brothers i like the one brother thats all rocky ish
hes so hot
his real name is
garret hedlund :DD
RaeGhost 13 Jan 08  
I love Garrett Hedlund! I love him as Jack in Four Brothers. So hot! And as
Murtagh in Eragon with the hot hair. Lol i'm such a fangirl xD
lalagigglebutt 5 Nov 07  
Hey!!! what song is the cow thing!? i love it, its awesome!!! funny funny
funny! hehe, i love Nny and squee, and my favorite sponge is Shmee. I call him a
sponge cuz he soak up thems nightmarey stuff and... i forget, cuz i lost my
comic of squee, but i love them! also, i have a club, if u'd like to join. its
really lame cuz i didnt know what to say, but i need help. kkk, byes!
RaeGhost 1 Dec 07  
Hey! I got the cow song from an episode on Married ... With Children. I love
Nny and Squee too! Squee is so cute when he is scared with thoes big puppy eyes.
I just want to hug him. Lol. I'll check the club out!
Gothpunkrockr 14 Aug 07  
Rae I am gonna miss you and Ryan so much. I love you both, and you both rock. I
wish you could get happier and resolve your fight with him. I understand the
stories. Just, remember, I'll always love you because you were so awetastic!
RaeGhost 21 Aug 07  
Hey i've decided not to leave!!! Yay!!!! I won't be on much but i'll be on
sometimes. I just couldn't leave my friends on this.
‹Bubbles<3<3<3› 7 Apr 07  
r u GOTH/EMO/PUNK one of them or all of 'em?
RaeGhost 22 Apr 07  
I don't like to lable myself but i guess most would call me punk
Angel_Babe 15 Feb 07  
hey im a punk/emo/goth so if u wanna chat msg me
RaeGhost 20 Feb 07  
I'm not into lableing but SURE!
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