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I was going to just list cars, but that's pointless.
So I'll just put my thoughts down.

Toyota - for those who want rollercoasters on freeways
Honda - for those who want that genuine ricer look
Nissan - for those who can't decide on the Honda or Toyota and don't care if the car falls apart
Ford - found on road dead, fix or repair daily, fucked over rebuilt dodge, cop cars or the cars the cops chase
Chevy - can hear every valve yell, I still think chevies suck, they seem cheaply made
Dodge - big motors, heavy cars, no performance, no handling, overpriced, will probably be bankrupt soon
Hyundai - cheapy econobanger car, they were cheapy econobanger cars, they will probably be the #1 company in 10 years
Kia - Fischer Price My First Car cars :-P

BMW - For some reason I only know fags that drive these cars, the old term was metro-sexual, but fag will work this
Mercedes Benz - A confused company, makes ok, but over priced cars, must spend a fortune to get a good one
Aston Martin - The original 007 car, with a stirred not shaken martini, always stylin
Maserati - Italian Luxury for those with more class than the Ferrari and Lamborghini crowd
Ferrari - Red cars for rich men with small penises
Lamborghini - Made by a tractor company, fast cars made down the street from Ferrari to stop those small penis people
Bugatti - When you want to pilot an aircraft that never leaves the ground by a Veyron
Koneseg (sp) A psycho crazy car built by crazy people who probably were listening to death metal when they designed it
Kills all occupants at immense speeds
Land Rover - They still make them, making Hummers a has been
Jaguar - I read as a kid they would combust in garages of nice people and burn their houses down
Bentley - you have too much money if your ride in this car, and I say ride as the owner never drives his own car, he
sits in the back

Tesla - A little car company that couldn't, FAIL TRAIN approaches
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