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The Story: Love Slave

intro: this is a story of a girl and guy who fall in love, but the guy cheats behind her back, she thought he was a
nice man, until that day when he cheated!
guy's name: Doug
girl's name: Christy

Chapter 1: Nice Body!
it was a nice morning on May 4th, 2007, when a man name Doug was sitting in a coffee shop, when a beautiful woman named
Christy worked there, came and said, " would u like some tea, sir? or coffee?"
he gazed in her eyes, and they both fell in love, he said, " coffee, please". all his friends sitting there, started to
whistle, then he said, as she walked off, to his friends, " she's got a nice ass!" all his friends agreed, one of them
said, " it's nice and big!". u must be thinking, what a perv.! but with a guy, it does matter plenty, about a girl's
butt! anyway, let's get back to the story, she came back with the coffee, and he asked her out on a picnic, and she

Chapter 2: Date
their first date was very romantic, and convinsing, she was hipmitised by his love. they kept going on dates, and they
liked eachother, then Doug said, " will you marry me?" Christy said, " oh yes, doug! yes!

Chapter 3: Results
wedding bells, cake, dancing, honeymoon, all went by quickly, until that day of work, he was walking, and he saw a
stunning woman, with beautiful legs, her name was Natasha, she was from Paris! he fell in love with her, the moment he
saw her, then he decided to sleep with her, then there was a problem, she had a baby! oh no, that is what was runnin
through his mind! he lived 2 lives, that he couldn't control.

Chapter 4: Devorce
at first when Christy found out, she didn't believe her friend, Ramone, that he was cheating on her, then she saw the
woman, " u baztard! i can't believe it, u would cheat on me, for a bitch like that! devorce, now! i will go get the
papers!" Doug said, " baby, come on! im sorry" Christy said, " sorry doen't cut it!

                                                                                  The End!
if u want to know what happens next, u will have to wait!

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  Punkettegirl123rock — Page created: 13 June 2007
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Punkettegirl123rock says:   13 June 2007   218713  
please comment! oh please!
solisbrokin says:   13 June 2007   936356  
Ohter than the many spelling and grammar misuses, it was a pretty good plot. Keep up
the good work!
Punkettegirl123rock says:   14 June 2007   745315  
i was in a rush, that's why i did that, i know i did.
autumm123 says:   14 June 2007   921943  
i luv it...i luv that it had alot of drama!

nice job!

next story! ^__^ plz!
Punkettegirl123rock says:   14 June 2007   814939  
lol, ttyl!
Angel_baby says:   14 June 2007   818237  
I luv it's sweet. I would kill my husband if he cheated on me
Punkettegirl123rock says :   15 June 2007   546837  
mmhmm, wow!
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