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this is a story of a family who moves in, Sarah-Mom, Autumm-Daughter, Jared-Father, and they have creepy next door
neighbors, they even try to kidnap them!

Chapter 1: Moving In
this is a story of a young family from New Jersey. The father, Jared, got a job, so they had to move to California. They
liked it, until they got to know there neighbors. Enjoy; " Daddy, i miss my friends". Says 13 yr. old Autumm. " I know
you do, dear, but i just have to have this job! you will understand.... here we are home sweet home!" says Jared. "
hunny, don't call it home yet". Says Sarah.

Chapter 2: Meeting:
then they heard a knock on the door, it was the neighboors, Jean, the mother said, " hello, we are your neighboors,
welcome to California, come to our house for a special party". Sarah says, " no, we have lots of packing to do". Dan,
the father says, " please we insist you come."

Chapter 2: Party Suspiscion
they are at the neighboor's house, enjoying themselves; " a very cool house you have". Said Autumm. now Autumm likes
creepy stuff, and this house was very creepy indeed! Who would keep their house like this?

Chapter 3: Weird People
they are very alarmed by these people; "Sit down, please make yourself comfortable", says Jean. this was nasty, the
chair had cat pee on it! eww! i wouldn't sit there. " No thanks, we are fine, we will stand", said Jared.

Chapter 4: Plot
Jean and Dan are planning kidnap these people; "we can kidnap them". says Jean. "Damnet! how will we though, Jean? what
will we do to them?" Says Dan.
"tie them up, put them in the back of out truck, and get their belongings". says Jean. " But how will we get their
money?" Says Dan. "I have no clue yet." said Jean.
                                                To Be Countinued.........
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  Punk_Princess101 — Page created: 14 June 2007
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I_wonder_Y suggests:   14 June 2007   843686  
um... cool. but do you think it could be a bit clearer?
I_wonder_Y says:   14 June 2007   547335  
i'll rate a six.    
Punk_Princess101 says :   14 June 2007   714418  
it's supposed to be like that, complicated

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