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King & Queen Of Kupika

Welcome to Kupika's King And Queen!!!! Hello I am Anastasiya and Im you host tonight so sit down and relaxe unless you want to be KING OR QUEEN! This is just gonna happend every month and there will be a KING AND QUEEN! When you enter you will go through a bunch of difrent challenges and the person I like best will be either KING OR QUEEN!!!! Rules: Enter only if your a good sport Please have an anime picture ready for your contest No cheating like asking other contestans to go easy or let you win Have fun Awards First Place King - Award Flowers and Your Queen First Place Queen - Award Flowers and You King Runner Up King - Award Runner Up Queen - Award Contestants Please make sure you write a small Biogrophy of your self and this form. Name: Age: Biogrophy: Anime Picture: THANK YOU!!!! Me the Host Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at
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  Pop_Princess — Page created: 23 June 2007
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asunalove says:   23 June 2007   749776  
can i?
Pop_Princess says:   23 June 2007   335865  
YA just fill out the form!!
BlackDiva says:   23 June 2007   296998  
Name: Aly
Age: 14
Biogrophy: My name is Aly im 14 i have 2 sisters and 1 brother im the eldest. I have
Brown hair and blue eyes, i speak some french and spanish. My favourite colour is
Anime Picture:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
BlackDiva says:   23 June 2007   361419  
if you want bigger pic: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
demonic_goth says:   23 June 2007   286776  
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biography:well i am emo and an only child i have long black hair and blue eyes i am
tall an ma fav colour is black
AlyRox101 says:   23 June 2007   593633  
Name: Aly
Age: 12
Biogrophy: i was born on January 7, 1995 along with my twin brother. my parents
divorced when i was 7 years old. my father got remarried when i was 10 and i gained a
step sister that is exactly like me (in almost every way), a step brother (that is
soooo annoying), and an EVIL step mom (she HATES me! and she even told me she does).
i had a period of depression all last year but with the help of my friends i pulled
Anime Picture: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Chase_will_kill_you says:   23 June 2007   272522  
my girlfriend (ALyRox101) wanted me to do this......

Name: Chase
Age: 12
Biogrophy: i was born on January 7 1995 (i know it's creepy that me and my girlfriend
have the same birthday, but that is how we met). my parents got divorced when i was
9. my dad is remarrying this year to a really mean person. i hate her.......and i
getting any step siblings. i have an older brother that is 19years old and a younger
sister that is 7 years old. i am gothis and i wear blac every single day.
Anime Picture: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Autumn_Dreamx3 says:   20 July 2007   868398  
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Name: Athea
Age: 15
Biography: Born 04.02.1992, At 7 learned how to play the harp, Favourite tree is a
blossom tree, Loves nature, music and adventure.
Is graceful, intelligent and friendly. Binds Spells and magic. Has a horse called
Artemis which is white.
xcottonxcandyx says:   10 August 2007   359358  
Biogrophy:born on nov 19 1996 ovbiously,im kinda tall i guess,i love dogs,i have
brown with blonda highlights but my original hair color is black.i speak vietnamese
really well and i can read it. my easiest subject in school is math.i used to play
the piano.i can play realloy hard songs on the recorder and got a kinda kinda weird.Peopla say im the smartest girl in my class but some say im
like a tombvoy because i like pokemon and use to collect these trading cards like
pokemon,yu-gi-oh! and use to have a bleyblade and watched all those shows.i have a
big brother at age 17.
Anime Picture:
xcottonxcandyx says :   10 August 2007   899154  
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