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Special Account stories! Tell me what you think!

OKay heres the deal, I as in ME!
Will lett people hand me a smal plott in a story and i will entirely make up a whole chapter of a story to print out
into my Book, that im giving to my publisher!
The stories will be posted here!

A love Story Between Lizz and Derek

              Once apon a time there was a girl named Lizz she was a fair young lady with lovely looks. She had a very
beautiful look. She once lived in a beautiful large house she only lived with her father and her step mother. Then one
day her father was in the hospital and he died a few hours later of a heart attack. She then became too poor to manage
her lovely home, so her and her Step mother moved into an apartment. Lizz had an addition of 2 siblings but don get me
wrong they were very nice to her. THey just gave her extra everything. Extra chores, extra errands, extra small room,
extra etc. She lived int hat home from when she was 5 years old till she was 16 years old. 
               There was  a boy just like Lizz except he was a complete opposite. His name was Derek. He got what ever
he wanted, had loads of money, and what do you know lives in Lizz's old house. He is very popular, he has the looks the
girls, and the stardom. He isnt one of those stuck up boys with money hes very kind to every one, but no one knows that.
He has a step father and no siblings. His mother died of cancer when he wa sonly 7 years old. He's been living the life
since he was 5 years old.

     We start our story out at the North veiw high school. Derek and Lizz never knew eachother  until the big dance that
came up. "Lizz you going to the dance with any one?" said Shontell her best friend. "Nope, ive got chores and mroe to
do." Lizz replied "Aww baby you do that every day, take a break chill with me for once."
"I cant Shonny. Im busy you know how Deebs gets when i don't do 'my work'."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah..You get grounded if u don't even finish on time."
"I know that Shonny."
"Can't you get a maid to do that just for one night, PLease Lizz?"
"No you know i dont have any money, and you knwo i cant afford it."
"Yeah i kno but i got some people who can do it for free. Just leave it to me. Besides i know a cuteie that wants to go
with a certain somone...."
"Are we still talking about me or you Shontell?"
Shontell took about Five minutes to reply that but before she does the bell rings and Lizz is long gone. After school
Lizz is comfronted by Tweedle-dee and Dumb-Dumb, also known as her step sisters, Mina and Zina. They are known as the
wannabe popular kids in the school, they follow Corbin around every where, and wheres clothes that aren't in style any
more and treats Lizz liek shes a accident about to happen. 
"Lizz, Mother wants you home now." Mina and Zina said
"I know im going." Lizz replied
"Oh and dont think about getting a date for the dance, no one wants to go with a loser. Besides your busy that day."
"Yeah, Mina and Zina Dont have to remind me."
Corbin enters.
"Yeah Cinderella, better get going before the clock strikes Twelve." Corbin says
"Oh Hi Corbin, what you doing?" MIna and Zina say at the same time
"Right and umm right."
Lizz slipps by while the oober twins suck up their moment with Corbin. Corbins the pretty girl the plastic, the Head
CHeer leader and the popular girl in the whole school, Shes GOign out with Derek........

To be continued
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