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Sweet Dreams (Twilight Stuff)

Just a anecdote I've been meaning to share. Well, it's half of it. I'll post the rest later.


I was hastily pulled up the stairs by strong hands as I fought to free myself, I harmonized his strength with perfect
ease, yet he managed to gain control once more.

“Edwaarrdd.” I whined, “How far away is it?” Edward turned to me his grasp tighter, his golden eyes flashing. I
glared into his eyes. 

He smirked, “You are so stubborn, Phoebe.” Edward murmured fixing me with a cold stare. I squirmed in his grip. 

“Ugh, you’re so mean Edward.” I grumbled pouting a little. Edward let out a chuckle. Muttering to himself about
newborns and such he dragged me along. I had become a vampire not to long ago when I had just turned 16. It was my
birthday and I got hit by a car. I lay bleeding certain for death practically all the bones in my body broken, and then
I was saved by him. Edward was the one who changed me so I felt close to him the most. I wish we were more though. I
sighed and bit my bottom lip trying to quench my thirst as innocent bystanders past me by. I shook a little as a
particular girl passed by, her mother trailing close behind. Edward feeling my shakiness tightened his grip. 

“Oww! Edward! You’re hurting me!” I screeched trying to pry myself from his grasp. Edward let out a hallow laugh.

“Sorry Phoebe, we’re almost there.”

I was dragged once again up another flight of stairs. “Where are we going again?” I asked trying to fix my attention
back on Edward instead of on my thirst. 

“I swear Phoebe you have a one track mind,” Edward said amused his eyebrows raising a little. 

I offered up a wry smile, “How’d you guess?” I said leaning in to him gaining a whiff of his sweet smell. He
rolled his eyes and smiled his usual crooked smile. I shook my head trying to rid myself of the strand of orange hair
that fell into my vision. As I was pulled along I looked up at the murky gray sky, Edward picked the best day for our
little adventure and we were far from prying eyes of the little twit Bella. She was so old and I was so young, why did
Edward have to like her? I grumbled to myself. I would have to consult Alice about my love destiny. 

“We’re here.” Edward said smoothly. Finally, letting go of my hand he smiled at me. We were in front of a large

“You brought me to a library.” I muttered in disbelief. Flexing my wrist I looked down on the bluish bruise that ran
along my wrist. “Hey, Edward!” I growled, he looked at me from the corner of one his eyes. “Edward you irritated
my stupid scar!” I complained. I didn’t really feel pain I just liked when Edward worried about me. Edward smirked
and rolled his eyes again.

Grabbing my wrist he turned it towards himself and kissed it softly right in the middle of the scar. I fought the urge
to giggle. “All better?” He murmured softly against my ear.

 I grinned, “I suppose so but I have somewhere else you can-um-kiss?” I said puckering my lips showing him a bruise
on the inside of my lip. Edward patted my head.
“In your dreams.” He laughed walking along quickly. Argh. 

“EDWARD!” I screeched.

I raced to catch up with him and I clutched his arm. “So why exactly are we here for?” I said tilting my head a
little. Edward looked up at the ceiling his eyebrows furrowing a little bit.

“Phoebe…If I tell you, do you promise not to stay mad at me and stay with me?” Edward said smiling a small crooked

“I could never be mad at you for a single second Eddwarrd.” I said drawled batting my eyelashes.



“We are here to get this book that Bella really wanted.” Edward said smiling wider.




I stomped back to the door. “EDWARD!” I screeched. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME BEFORE WE LEFT THE HOUSE?!” I shouted
even louder. Edward hunched his shoulders sheepishly. 


Wait till next time. ;]
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  Phoebe_X — Page created: 28 December 2008
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lashgirl says:   28 December 2008   699978  
this is a great page
‹kaylee<3› says :   28 December 2008   649452  
Lol. That is so cute. ;3
Stupid Bella. D< I hate her too. xD

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