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Penny's Kupitopia!

Hi! I'm Penny789 (Michelle)! My hobbies are drawing and playing on the computer. I love roleplaying, oekakis, and websites- I have more than 7 webs! Now that you know about me, why don't you tell me a bit of yourself? You are welcome to come to my profile to find out more about me and get a snack! ^.^ Poems/Songs Song: You Need A True Friend If you're fly-ing in the sky, If you're lan-ding on the ground, You need some co-om-pany, You need someone to depend on, You need someone to help you, You need a true-ue friend, To help... (Repeat 2 times) You just need one, True friend, True friend, T-R-U-E FRIEND!!! Adoptables! Ask me for the code! If you have a request post it in the comments area too. Get your Own Adoptable! My Internet Pets and Best Friends! My Best Friend: nickjr (Sarie) 4 Other Friends: My Pet Rabbit: My Pet Puppy: My Pet Hamster My Pet Pikachu: My Pet Piplup: My Pet Buneary: Tell me if you want a part!
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Penny789 shouts:   18 November 2007   547252  
nickjr says:   19 November 2007   314955  
Hehe, typo-that instead of than.
Penny789 says:   19 November 2007   538244  
nickjr says:   19 November 2007   636495  
I meant on here.
Penny789 says:   19 November 2007   816147  
HAHAAHA! Wait, what I'm I laughing about? WHAT?
nickjr asks:   19 November 2007   728983  
nickjr shouts:   19 November 2007   657259  

I have more that 7 webs
Penny789 says:   19 November 2007   358515  
If you want to Adopt, fill in this form:
Adoptable Name:
*Adoptable Name* says, *Whatever you want it to say.*
nickjr says:   19 November 2007   638231  
Adoptable Name: Jacklyn
Owner: nickjr
Gender: Female
Jacklyn says, "Hiya!"
nickjr says:   19 November 2007   565782  
Got the code.
princesssnoopy says:   21 November 2007   347677  
adoptable name: cuttii3
own3r: princesssnoopy
G3nd3r: female
princesssnoopy says:   21 November 2007   977323  
can I b3 1 of your fri3nDs 2 pleas3..X
nickjr asks:   21 November 2007   831274  
No offense princessnoopy, but do you always type in n00b form? No offense.
Penny789 says:   22 November 2007   655446  
Ok. I'll add you. and for the adoptable, uhhh...
< -a-
" --t-a-r-g-e-t-="--_-b-l-a-n-k-">-< -i-m-g-
-s-r-c-="--h-t-t-p-:-/-/-i-1-9-.-t-i-n-y-p-i-c-.-c-o-m-/-8-1-i-5-l-d-3-.-j-p-g-" -
-b-o-r-d-e-r-="--0-" --a-l-t-="--G-e-t- -y-o-u-r-s-!-">-<>
Take out the -.
Mandi1122 says:   23 November 2007   636168  
ooooo coool!!!!!
icesk8er4ever says :   1 September 2008   313425  
if you like roleplaying you can join my club....hers the add...

Doe's anybody wan't to join a roleplaying club Go here for more information in you arn't new to roleplaying and are experianced (you may be rejected) This is the club page: Go here for more information if you are new to roleplaying or arn't that good (ANYONE can join) here is the club page:
HURRY HURRY JOIN NOW!!! and tell others about the new roleplaying clubs in town!!!

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