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Roleplaying Characters (:

Name: Layliee Fray Age: 17 Gender: Female Hair: Long wavy/auburn Eyes: Lapis lazuli (very beautiful shade of blue) Body Type: Slender Ethnic Background: Caucasian Height: 5”6’ Weight: 115 Background: Father {Daemon Slayer/Human} Name; Colvalt [DEAD] Mother {Unknown/Wood Elf} Name; Iyona [DEAD] Occupation: Daemon Slayer {Agent 10068799} Powers: Sight {Depends if fantasy creatures can be seen my mundane humans}, other powers are currently unknown General Appearance: Big cherry lips, long lashes, heart shaped face, dimples, freckled, peach (slightly tanned) skin, long neck, long slash that curves around the left side of her neck, tattooed back (two wings), tattoo on her thigh (it says: Willow and beneath the words is a small barcode) What Others Say About Your Character: Very precise about what she does, and she’s very dedicated. Passionate about what she believes in, and incredibly shy. Has a temper when provoked, and she’s very serious and protective about certain things. She can be too guarded at times, which is one of her biggest faults, and she has a hard time taking a joke because she’s too serious and very slow. She’s intelligent, and she’s very perceptive. When relaxed, she seems to always be thinking about something, so she’s usually becomes a big klutz. Personality (summarized into brief points): . Serious . Hot-headed . Shy . Perceptive . Dedicated . Intelligent . Very Guarded . Precise . Passionate Clothing: {Top} White cashmere turtleneck sweater {Jacket} Helly Hansen Verglas Tech Jacket {unzipped} {Bottom} Navy blue skinny jeans {Hat} Baggy White knit hat {Shoes} Classic Chuck Taylor’s {Extra} White scarf History & Other Information: Layilee works for an organization popularly known amongst daemons and fantasy creatures who roam the human world, the organization is called WILLOW. They organization deals with the extermination of otherworldly beasts, but they have an agreement with the monsters. As long as they follow the laws, they won’t be hunted, simple. Layliee first joined the organization when her parents died due to an unfortunate accident when she was four. She didn’t officially start field work until she was twelve. Layliee has no siblings that she knows of, and no relatives except her psychotic aunt from her father’s side. {Her Introduction} How can you still be drowning in a sea of people and still claim to be alone? Layliee didn’t have an answer. It was just one of those anomalies of life, an irony that was neither sarcastic nor humorous in the least. She walked at an unbearably slow pace compared to the rush around her. As Layliee watched the faces blurring past, she imagined every reaction to her future actions. Maybe if she thought a little less she might be inclined to keep up with the crowed that brushed past her more like an obstacle than another being. With a diligent sigh, she grew tired of being jostled and tired of exchanging one-sided apologies, she moved at a diagonal to take shelter against the block face of a building where she was allotted more than a hands’ breadth of personal space. A revolving door spun a couple feet away from her, spitting out more people onto the street. That’s what she got for thinking too hard, that’s what she got for lingering on such macabre ideas. It was foolishness to keep dwelling on such petty ideas. Just because this mission was a little different from the rest, didn’t mean she should be dwelling on how hard the task would be. It wasn’t the way she was taught. She was taught to dismiss fate, and to never dwell on what could happen. Layliee groaned impassively, reaching up with cold fingers, raking her fringe away from her face. Her features were delicate: a small ski slope nose, high cheekbones and a mouth with a full lower lip. Lapis eyes were heavily lidded as if weighed down by the thick black lashes that curled against her cheeks as she blinked. She might be beautiful, but she was a rose with many thorns. A born killer as some would say. Needless to say, Layliee was your perfect double-take. Closing her eyes with a tedious sigh, she concentrated on the gun in her pocket and the bullets inside of it. She was currently a killer with one objective. To kill every filthy rule breaking monster that escaped into this world.
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