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Kupika Central! Its almost nessesary to click here!

Kupika Central is the ver changing page of Contests, Elouai requests, Oekaki Requests, Galleries, Graphic Shops, and SO MUCH MORE! Were very new at the time, were setting up everything right now, and we still need people wiling to advertise themselves here, or even work for us! More info is below. Right now, We have an Elouai shop and Gallery run by Pay_SodaPop, our founder. There will be an elouai contest run in the same shop soon! We also are advertising the intro of orangecherrysoda's new book, Extra Ordinary! So scroll down, and have fun!
Would you like to join us?
You can join our group! Heres some info: You can join to advertise your own Graphic shop, Oekaki Requests, Gallery, Contests, stuff like that! All you have to do is fill out this form and send it in a message/letter to Pay_sodapop!
Username: Shop Name: (If it has one!) Type of shop: (Ex. Oekaki Request shop, Elouai shop, Contest shop, Gallery) What are the events your shop advertises?
You can advertise to be a Proofreader, Co-Leader, Yeller, Banner-Maker! You can still participate in all the shops, contests, galleries, etc. Just message/letter this form to Pay_sodapop!
Username: Position Wanted: Why you would be good for this job: (5 sentences maximum) Do you have any shops here?
Please send in these forms, We really need all of the above!
So, Here are the shops!
I <3 elouai Welcome to my shop! I sell my eLouai creations here for 1 kp or less. I wil make your avater for 1 kp too. elouai's doll maker 3elouai's doll maker 3elouai's doll maker 3elouai's doll maker 3 Price: 1 kp for each That's all i'm selling for now. *There are no avater requests*
Hello people. This is a book idea i really liked and decided to write. Its kindof like my life, but with different characters. Below is a character sheet, with a picture of each from elouai, and a very short paragraph on their personality. The title is not "Extraordinary", it is " Extra Ordinary", which pretty much means extra normal, ok? I don't know how long the book will be but you will find out when i'm finished.( i havent posted any of the book up here yet, but it will be soon) Main character: elouai's doll maker 3 Renee has just started grade eight at her new school. She is the kind of person who hates pink, skirts, nailpolish, anything like that. She likes yellow, The Beatles, her pair of converse shoes, and her favourite symbol is a peace sign. She doesnt care about what people think about her. but she is made fun of at the beginning of the year.This story is mainly about her and her life. Secondary character #1: elouai's doll maker 3 Renee's first and best friend. she came to this school for grade 7, so she knows what it's like to be new. She stands up for Renee at the beginning of the year.She likes the colours pink, and orange, and she wears hoodies. she also loves to read. Secondary character #2: elouai's doll maker 3 Natasha is one of the 'popular' people. she is snooty and acts as though she hates everyone except her friends. she quite enjoys making fun of the 'uncool' people. Renee and her are pretty much enemies. She loves to wear pink, and tends to get good grades in school. Later in the book, Renee finds out Natasha's good side. Secondary character #3 elouai's doll maker 3 Darian is very artistic in every way. She does dance, and has been since she was 10. She even writes and illustrates her own books for children. She is really nice, and funny. she becomes Renee's friend later in the book. She lives by a pond, so she considers the geese that come by her pets. She also loves to read and draw anime. She is very optimistic. Secondary character #4 elouai's doll maker 3 Nathan plays football, and is really sporty, but he is also really sweet. He has a pet husky named Bear, and is really funny. He lives on a small farm with his Mom and Dad. Secondary character #5 elouai's doll maker 3 Ty lives in an apartment with his mom dad and his little brother, Tom. He is also really funny, and often makes people laugh.. He works at a music store in the town. He has a cat named Shadow. These are all the characters mentioned in chapter one, Check back in a couple days when i have written it!(PS i will add more charcters later)
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