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Omegle pokemon battles

Snorlax, Magikarp, and Metapod VS Magikarp, Gyrados, and Metapod
Question to discuss: pokemon battle? Stranger 1: k Stranger 1: Snorlax, I choose you! Stranger 2: GO, MAGIKARP! Stranger 1: Snorlax use sleep! Stranger 2: Magikarp used splash! Stranger 1: Good job Snorlax, come back! Stranger 1: Go Magikarp! Stranger 2: THIS IS WHERE THE REAL BATTLE BEGINS! Stranger 1: Magikarp, use splash attack! Stranger 2: UGH! not splash Stranger 2: counter that with a splash attack magikarp! Stranger 1: You fool! My magikarp is invulnerable to other magikarp's splash attacks! Stranger 1: Now Magikarp, use splash attack! Stranger 2: Magikarp, splash that splash off of you and use splash attack! Stranger 1: Magikarp! Show him how it's done with a splash attack! Stranger 2: Magikarp, Use HYPER BEAM!!....what? you don't know hyper beam? god damnit...ok, use splash! Stranger 1: Magikarp, use Surf! Stranger 2: =O Stranger 2: Magikarp, use Flash! Stranger 2: *magikarp hurts itself outta retardation* Stranger 1: What's this´╝č! Magikarp is evolving? Stranger 2: whoa... Stranger 1: Magikarp evolved into Gyrados! Stranger 2: WHY THE FUCK CANT YOU DO THAT MAGIKARP!? Stranger 1: Would you like to give your Gyrados a nickname? Stranger 1: Yes: Retard Stranger 1: Go, Retard! Stranger 2: jesus, return magikarp Stranger 1: Retard, use Hyper Beam! Stranger 2: Go, Metapod! Stranger 2: Use Harden! Stranger 1: so it's a harden battle you want eh? Stranger 1: Retard, return! Stranger 1: Go, Metapod! Stranger 2: Ooooo! Stranger 1: Use Viagra, errr... harden! Stranger 2: Arg! Metapod,Show him how to really use Harden, the natural way! Stranger 1: You fool! My Metapod is 60 years old. He can't possibly harden all by himself! Stranger 1: >Run. You can't run from a trainer battle! Stranger 2: How dare you feed your Metapod those medications! What happens if hes hardened for more than 4 hours?! Stranger 1: They're just Rare Candies! Stranger 1: It's not like it'll affect EV training! Stranger 1: oh gawd I'm a nerd Stranger 2: hahahah Stranger 2: its ok, this is probably the best things that has ever happened to me on omegle Stranger 1: lol Stranger 1: well, cya Stranger 2: RUN!
Pokemon: Pickachu VS Abra
Question to discuss: pokemon battle? Stranger 1: PICKACHU! Stranger 2: I choose Abra. Stranger 1: I CHOSE YOU! Stranger 2: Abra uses teleport.
Pokemon:Abra RETURNS VS Magikarp RETURNS
Question to discuss: pokemon battle? Stranger 1: here we go again Stranger 2: A wild Abra appears! Stranger 1: GO MAGIKARP Stranger 1: Use splash attack! Stranger 2: It's not very effective. Wild Abra uses Teleport!
Pokemon: Pikachu VS Charmander?
Question to discuss: pokemon battle? Stranger 1: GO PIKACHU Stranger 1: USE TUNDABOWLT Stranger 2: GO CHARMANDER Stranger 2: USE SOMETHING Stranger 1: FIAL Stranger 1: U FIAL Stranger 2: fial Stranger 2: that's what i use Stranger 1: PIKACHU OWNS UR CHARMANDER Stranger 1: U FIAL Stranger 1: I WNI Stranger 2: fial pikachu into the ground
Question to discuss: pokemon battle? Stranger 2: YES Stranger 1: PIKACHU Stranger 2: GO CHARIZARD Stranger 1: JIGGLYPUFF! Stranger 2: wtf you didnt even fight Stranger 2: i guess this is a double battle Stranger 1: idk wtf this is Stranger 2: GO DRAGONITE Stranger 1: im just yelling out pokemon bro Stranger 2: CHARIZARD USE FLAMETHROWER Stranger 2: ON PIKACHU Stranger 1: im burnt... right? Stranger 2: ur almost dead Stranger 2: no burn Stranger 1: oh. PIKACHU DO A LIGHTNING BOLT THING ON CHARIZARD ! Stranger 1: right? ^ Stranger 2: ok that works. its called thunderbolt Stranger 1: i knew that. HAHA ohkay. Stranger 2: ok now charizard is like 3/4 dead Stranger 1: your turn? LOL Stranger 2: DRAGONITE USE HYPER BEAM ON JIGGLYPUFF Stranger 2: jiggly puff is deeeaaaad Stranger 1: I WANTED JIGGLYPUFF TO DO A SLEEPING POWER THING xD Stranger 2: THATS WHY I KILLED IT FIRST Stranger 2: MWAHAHAHAHAHA Stranger 1: K PIKACHU GO THUNDER BOLT THING ON CHARIZARD NOOOW ! Stranger 2: charizards dead now Stranger 1: WOOP WOOP Stranger 1: k, im brock cos im asian and chinky. Stranger 2: lol Stranger 2: im myself Stranger 2: cuz im awesome Stranger 1: ASH?! IS THAT YOU? Stranger 2: :D Stranger 2: NO > Stranger 1: MISTY? Stranger 2: NO > Stranger 2: NO > Stranger 1: lol... what? xD Stranger 2: i won the pokemon battle Stranger 2 has disconnected
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‹??????› says:   17 August 2011   900058  
Ha ha, those were entertaining! :3
Thanks for using my scroll box, and I see you have centered it. My scroll boxes look
off when you center them. This code will look better when centered, so if you want
use this one instead:

Y'know so you won't have your text a little off. x3
Papaya says:   17 August 2011   378451  
Aha, thank you!
I did as told but still look the same sadly!T-T
but it doesn't matter because this page was just for fun and I wasn't planning for
that much people to look at it.x) 
‹??????› says :   17 August 2011   115610  
Oh it only worked for the first two. :o I'm sorry for failing you. ;-;
Oh okay! Ha ha ha yes, I understand! For fun and that's all that matters. (: 

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