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join my club please

Ethera is a RPG game like world of Warcraft, everquest, and any other game you can think of. Reviews have given us the best game of the year award, so you know it's worth playing. "you really get sucked into the game" Larry Jumex said from New York towers magazine. Our best feature I would say is that it's world international (well most RPG games are) and everybody is in one big sever. "this is silly because not everyone speaks the same laungue plus there would be lots of lag" is what you would say but you can understand each other with the translator, form example if I spoke French everything would apper in French including the English person text in English. Within that one big server are mini servers, which solves are lagging problem. You won't regret playing! *important* Everything said above is not true it just for this club. This is a roleplaying club. For the plot and story please go read "rules/plot" which can find in the club discussions.
I decided to be nice and put the plot right here *plot* when you buy this game you go into a mini server called blackhole. Once you make your character, you get suck into the game as the character you have just made. You starter place depends on the species you have chosen (I will tell you where to go once you make your character.).You will collect pebbles threw out the game and after 8 pebbles you will be granted with a new power (the number of pebbles you have has to be in your sig). Only 3 people can win and how to win is what you guys have to find out.
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