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BanzaiPro! Question and Answer Time!

Q: Are you tidy or messy? A: Somewhere in between depending on my emotional state. I can go either way. Q: What do you like most about cosplaying? ; A: Sewing and becoming a character for a day. But I love the memories that I get to create with my friends, mostly. Q: I have a few, and I'm sorry to bother you about it. But, do you think Banzai! Pro will ever end? Like once everyone grows up and get seperated. Do you think it will become shorter? And the second is will you be able to post those home alone videos? A: Oh, gosh I hate thinking about this. The thought makes me want to cry. Although I do admit changes will happen, I hope that we remain together in some way, shape, or form. As for the home alone videos, we took them down because when I had put them up, the group just consisted of me. And right now, we want to be recognized as a group--not just me. Q: if you ever had the chance would you go on a date in one of your cosplays ??? :p A: If the date involved some sort of costume contest, then maybe. o.O Q: No not like that. You guys seem a bit rude and as if no one is "good enough" to know you guys. I am not sure, you guys just kind of seem a bit standoffish. A: I can see where you get that idea. It's not really like that. XD We love getting to know people, it's just that sometimes we feel people force themselves on us. And for me, personally, I'm a very shy person. So it's not new for me to hear that I'm standoffish. Sometimes my shyness comes off that way--even across text over the internet. Q: How do you relax? A: I usually play video games or sew... but that's more like venting, I guess. My best relaxation method is spending time with my friends and giving/receiving heartfelt hugs. Q: I was watching some of your videos and it caught my attention (especially in your FAQ) that you guys seem a bit pretentious in your group. A: In what context? Pretentious as in being pretentious towards each other? Or pretentious in our personality? Something else? Although we don't have perfect lives and have our own problems, we don't showcase them because they're our own personal business. Our friendship truly is that genuine and we all have quirky personalities that are really like that. Q: What's your favorite candy bar? A: Cookies n' Cream!! :D (Though I'm perfectly fine with all chocolate.) Q: im happy i just saved an oz for 1 cent a day :D A: Well... er... if you've been keeping up with the manga... We may need to go up to two cents a day... Q: LOVE YOU GUYS!! Your made of awsomeness A: Thank you! <3 Q: Would you prefer to be a movie star or musician? A: Musician, duh. Those are some of the Questions asked on my If you have any questions please check out my profile and ask me some! <3
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