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Positive Thinking

Have you ever heard of energy? Like positive and negative. No, I'm not talking about batteries. I'm talking about the energy of the universe. When you think or act in positive ways you admit positive energy into the world which makes good things happen. You know that really nice person ahead of you who paid for your drink -- that was because of good energy and karma. When you think or act negativly you admit negative energy. You know hurricanes. Sure because of science and stuff they happen but also because of negative energy that needs and out lit. Diesease to. When you think negative you are poisoning your body leading to something as small as a cold or as big as cancer. So do something to help the world and think positivly. I know some people may not believe this but this is the way i have been taught and i think it is perfectly legit. ~Jojo
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  OperationBeautiful — Page created: 11 October 2009
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Jews_Will_Rule shouts:   11 October 2009   361678  
Ohmigodd! This is soo amazing!

I was smiling the whole way through. :D

This is so true! 

It's encouraging, powerful, everyone should read this.
OperationBeautiful says:   11 October 2009   134246  
Thank you.
branches says:   11 October 2009   797889  
According to the law of energy conservation and probably something else I was
supposed to learn in science class,
energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
So the bit about "admitting positive energy into the world" bit is gab.
‹Airplanes ♥› says:   27 May 2010   220119  
Fuck science. 
It isn't always right. 
branches says:   27 May 2010   504825  
It's goddamn jolly well right more times than magic or karma. 
‹Airplanes ♥› says:   27 May 2010   427165  
Well how do we know what's right or wrong? 
branches says:   27 May 2010   762023  
Well, reality is really only what the common mind interprets.
(or, it might as well be)

So, considering that nowadays MOST people believe the earth is round and revolving
around the sun,
we're pretty sure that's right, right?

And in the thirteenth century, when the earth was square and the whole goddamn
UNIVERSE was revolving around the earth,
that might as well have been true 'cos if you disagreed you were gonna get killed.

So we tell what reality is by what most of the trained minds think right now. 
‹Airplanes ♥› says:   27 May 2010   257672  
So we just believe what people tell us to believe? I don't think so. 
I'll think for myself. 
branches says:   28 May 2010   312256  
God bless you. 
‹Airplanes ♥› says:   28 May 2010   304180  
Was that sarcastic or real? :P 
branches says:   28 May 2010   375541  
It was real. 
‹Airplanes ♥› says :   28 May 2010   695522  
Oh. Okay. :D
God Bless You Too Wonderful Person Ive Enjoyed Talking Too. 
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