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My stuff. or Exspressing whatever you wanna call it.

Everything lost outta me
What is it that people saw in me? A great guy? great smile, perfect? I don't know what they saw, they never saw the pain that I had, They was never around when my eyes where dried out, they wasnt there when they was red, All the pain building up in me, who knew that it would lead to this? I thought it would be fine, But I guess i was more crazier then I thought,
Preview of what I did.
It all built up in me, I couldnt control it, I tried my hardest, next thing I knew was I was going crazy, I thought I was an animal, everything was in slow motion, then two seconds later,
It all happened,
I can't explain how I felt after that, the pain, physicaly, mentally, I was to scared to care, to scared to say anything, to scared for anything and everything..
to be continued, of what happens next and note this is real, not a fiction story i made up, it was my real feelings. COMMENT PLEASE?
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  Not_here_for_the_people — Page created: 5 January 2010
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Kemico says:   5 January 2010   123489  
I think this is good..... 

If you want you can jazz up the page a little....but good job ~
Not_here_for_the_people says:   5 January 2010   513425  
Well thank you, And I will do that then. Thank you.
‹Jinx Ellise› says:   5 January 2010   512267  
Awsome Poetry ~ <3
Not_here_for_the_people says:   5 January 2010   458045  
<3 Thank you times enfinity!!
Amber_Rawr says:   5 January 2010   499347  
Wow...That is some good stuff right there your really good (:
Keep up the good work!
Not_here_for_the_people says:   5 January 2010   138911  
Thank you. (:
I apprieciate your comment.
UnnaturalBoy says:   5 January 2010   746730  
The ending verses are too anti-climatic and doesn't ring in the person's mind. I
suggest using grammar, structure, imagery, figures of speech, to help you imbue the
message. By grammar I mean short verses for the verse to stand out, longer verses to
express pressing onward-ness, semicolons and hyphens as well to utilize all you can.
Not_here_for_the_people says :   5 January 2010   986895  
Thank you for the honesty, I will do my best next time then.
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