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Ouran High School Host Club Quotes!~

Ouran High School Host Club quotes:

(about Tamaki) "That IDIOT. I'm going to KILL him!"(after hearing the PA about describing him as a child) -Kyouya

"Obviously, you two are homo side characters!"-Tamaki Suou

"We're always playing the doctor game back at home, and you always played with my body to the fullest."-Kaoru Hitachiin

"All hail poverty!"-Tamaki Suou

"He's a pheromene machine and his count of women he's played with is higher than the number of capillary vessels in his
body."-Hitachiin twins

"Oh, shit."-Tamaki Suou

"Bullshit!"-Hikaru Hitachiin

"Ungarr."-Morinozuka Takashi AKA Mori

"A good man cannot hide his beautiful body by wearing lots of clothes!"-Tamaki Suou 

"But why do you look so stupid!? It's as if you're a light-headed narcisist! Useless! Too ordinary!!"-Renge Houshakuji 

"I'm a werewolf!"-Haninozuka Mitsukuni AKA Hani/Honey

"Screw your "commoner culture". I'm getting damn tired of this commonor gag of yours, you boring people who follow the
same old pattern."-Kyouya Ootori

" My daughter! My daughter's missing! I can't get in contact with her!!! She must've been kidnapped!!! Contact the
police!!! Mobilize the self-defense army if it becomes necessary!!!"-Tamaki Suou

"If you think about it, he will never be Haruhi's female practice partner because of their height."-Kaoru Hitachiin

"Actually, I realized it's not that bad to be popular among the girls. They're rather cute too. I think I might be
interested in girls. I'll put on a more macho front next time! That's what I'll do! Yeah!"-Haruhi Fujioka

"Then, Kyouya! You take on the role of a punk and pimp on Haruhi! Then make Hikaru save her!"-Tamaki Suou

 "You are RENTING me?!"-Hani/Honey

" Behold the power of the Shadow King!"-Haruhi Fujioka 

"Let's go to my place and play video games all night long!"-Renge Houshakuji

"Haruhi. Ootoro doesn't taste like this at all. You have been deceived."-Mori

"Bunny-chan, I love you!"-Hani/Honey

" His love for cake is far greater than his love for his brother, huh?"-Haruhi Fujioka 

"It's okay. You can pay for the cost of the flowers... with your body, too."-Kyouya Ootori

"Quick! Every one in your PE sitting positions! The commoners invented this exercise in order to save space!"-Tamaki

"Biologically, I am a girl."-Haruhi Fujioka

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<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" 
value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" 
value="true"></param></object> This is the piano duet that those two little kids
played. Forgot what episode. Sorry. Is it 7? Someone tell me.

Btw...I am perfectly aware there isn't a background on this page. I WILL GET IT. 'Kay, peoples? ^^
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x'D Priceless.
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Totally. ^^

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