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Friends Forever: A tribute to my friends!~

dj anime girl
NeonRAIN. Shylin, my best friend in real life who's "forking" (private joke) awesome and a great comedian! Her hair is
dirty blond, but it's shoulder length, not that long. It used to be until she cut it at the beginning of the year. She's
been wearing black a lot lately (?) and would LOVE to be a DJ. I can see that happening. We both share an affinity for
the color blue, although she prefers eccentric blue to my periwinkle.

brown hair eyes anime girl
Katilix.  She loves Kyouya and says she's pretty dang nerdy. I don't blame her; I'm pretty dang nerdy myself.~ <3

Anime Girl
mpinkdots_. Melody. I know her in real life (she goes to my school). She loves the Jonas Brothers but is in even more
looooooooove with Nick Jonas. Yesterday it was," Hey Aiyana! Shylin! Nick Jonas' baby is kicking!" = = Don't ask. She
also loves texting. I lost count of how many times she texted today. She also loves the color pink, has dirty blond hair
and gray/blue eyes, so this pic is perfect for her.

anime girl
x_WednesdayAddams. Lexx. What's happening in this pic will never ever happen in real life, so stop dreaming, man, it
won't happen. I bet she'd love to be able to control butterflies though. Random question: what sound does a butterfly
make? ^^ Anyway, her fave color is the same as Shylin's: need I say again? Just scroll upwards...

A cute lil blond gurl
cute_blondy. Sabrina. I haven't talked to her forever since I moved out of our English class third period. Obviously, I
know her in real life. I like her eyes:  they're a pretty periwinkle. Again, my fave shade of blue. ^^

MewMewBerii. Eliza, the Australian!~ I seem to have a lot of blond friends...anyway, she's one of those super hyper and
kawaii girls; she's only 11. Totally sweet. ^^

anime guy black hair
Eccentric_. Elliot. I turned him into a vampire. Now he's even hotter than ever. I KNOW he'd DIE for these hobo black's one of his fave colors. Well, he IS emo.

guy with brown hair and eyes
BlondMomentS. Codii. Soooooo Edward Cullen, it freaks me out. He has elegant mannerisms and charisma. <3 (I saved the
best for last.)

_OneNightStand_: London Lodon London!!!!!!
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MewMewBerii says:   5 March 2008   188678  
Thanks sooo much! xD

~Huggles Tight~
My names Eliza xD
NinjaKitty says:   5 March 2008   398421  
You're welcome. *huggles back*
NinjaKitty says:   5 March 2008   423272  
Btw, sorry on the name change.
Katilix says:   5 March 2008   992864  
Whoah! Thanks sooo much, because that actually looks like me!

NinjaKitty says :   5 March 2008   496152  
Your welcome.

I had no idea she looked like you.  I just picked a nerdy brown haired girl because
you said you were those things. ^^

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