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The Asian Sisterhood Quotes Page. By Ai. <3<3<3

And also a side note to anyone else reading this...BE PREPARED TO BE DAZZLED. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Shai quotes: "Waka waka waka nom nom nom..." "Don't staple your butt!" "You're killing me!" "That sounded like a chihuahua fighting a lawnmower!" "What the BBQ!" "I'm coming for you!" "What the fork!" " Just say yaoi stands for "Young Academics on Ice" or something!" " You're wrong! Stand in your wrongness and be wrong!" Both best friends quotes: Shai: Is that a TRAIN?! Ai: No, Shylin. That's an electric guitar. Shai: Ohhhhhhh. Shai: Can you buy me a drink? NO NOT LIKE THAT! Ai: *confused* Huh? Wha-Oh. Got it. You mean for lunch? Shai: Yeah. Ai: An oil tank is- Shai: I'm done. Ai: Tall people love to play basketball. Shai: Midgets do too. Ai: Really? Like who? Shai: *dramatic pause* Lexx. Ai: Ah. Shai: I'm not an idiot like everyone else! Ai: HMMMMMMMMMMM. *smirk* Shai: Oh shut up. *both Lol* Ai quotes: "You can't make a snake look sexy!" " A lawnmover!" "I have to take it opp." "Diamonds have cleavage?!" (Srsly. Yes they do. BUT NOT LIKE THAT.) Here's some other quotes for your enjoyment. ^^ Kiersten: You know what my dad does for a living? Jason: Your mom? Kiersten: Well, no...well, yeah...but THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT! *glare* Jason: Oh. Jason: I am having Spinach class. Kiersten: Turn your head upside down. Cameron: It doesn't wam! (Please note that when a stomach "wams", it's either grumbling or growling. But Cameron was talking about a scene in the Odyssey.) Jenna: My, I mean my BEST friend... Calvin: BLACKHEAD!!! My science teacher who shall remain nameless because this IS the internet: Aurora Aiyana! Calvin: Hey, are you free? Ai: *thinks* WHAT THE HELL? IS HE HITTING ON ME?! *awkward silence* Bonita-who-has-a-major-crush-on-Calvin: *cough* Aiyana, why don't we leave now? Ai: Sure. Later... Bonita: *clearly pissed* HE'S MINE! DON'T TAKE HIM!!! Ai: I. Wasn't. Planning. To. I have a boyfriend- Garrett: *walks past lunch table* Congratulations. Ai: *thinks* WHERE DID HE COME FROM? *Bonita/Shai/Ai RoflLmao* Shai: O__o He comes out of nowhere! Ai: Nah, he's just stalking me. GAWD. The number of guys hitting on me is INSANE. Bonita: *glare. Clearly still thinking of Calvin.* Calvin: *nonchantly* Do you want to go- Ai: NO. *wonders why he's asking me out IN FRONT OF BONITA = = * Calvin: -to the movies? Bonita: Calvin, I hate you. = = *slap* Calvin: Ow. Ai: ^^ Haha. Ai's English teacher: Let's be seating. Ai's science teacher: Today I gave Savannah a grilling- Jason: Was it medium or rare? Ai's science teacher: Eh...rare. It was pretty short. Austin (the object of Shai's affection): Ah! Fudge muffins! Ouch! Jason: I love it when my dad gardens. He's like,"Jason, go get me my hoe", and I'll be like,"Dad, Mom's GONE", and he'll be like,"Shut up." Ai's mom: We'll have roast pot for dinner. Ai's math teacher: Don't fart! Nani: I want a concise answer. What is two plus one? Ai: Three? Nani: *pulls out camera and takes picture* Ai: NALANI!!! =_= Jess: What do you want? Huh? Huh? What do you want? You wanna go to the bathroom? Ai: *Lmao* You wanna go have dinner Friday? xDD
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  NinjaKitty — Page created: 5 November 2008  |  Last modified: 28 March 2009
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HornyHornbag says:   17 November 2008   642474  
"What the Fork" Lol
Katilix says:   17 November 2008   398447  
"Don't staple your butt!"


I do NOT want to know how this quote came about...
‹voiceofageneration.› says:   23 November 2008   455864  
Shai says some of the funniest things. xD;
This page made me lol.
NinjaKitty says:   1 December 2008   263451  
Kat: It's not that disgusting. Trust me. I almost sat on the stapler. ^^
Lexx: I agree. And...IT'S NOT OVER YET!!! :DDDDDD
Katilix says:   12 January 2009   675623  
Ai's mom: We'll have roast pot for dinner.

HA! Yay!
NinjaKitty says :   13 January 2009   887398  
My mom meant to say POT ROAST. ^^
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