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25 F Canada
speaks English
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Hi,I'm Courtney.
I'm Courtney.Don't forget that shiz,cause you'll be screaming it later.Just kidding.^^ I just always wanted to use that phrase.
Yep,that's me up there.Sorry if your eyes bled,or you had seizures.Please don't sue me.
So,I kinda fail with these "About Me" sections.So lemme tell you what I can.I'm a pimp for a living.I'm pimping out maybe 3 hookers right now.I live in Canada,where it snows all year round'.It's hard to get my hoes working when it's so snowy out all the time.
OKAY.So the above paragraph was a joke.Please tell me you didn't take that shizz seriously.You can't take Courtney seriously.Ever.She's never serious.Ever.Kay.My name is Courtney.We already cleared that up.I'm 14 years old.My birthday is March 20th[Hint hint].I have naturally blonde hair(It's kinda brownish now) and blue eyes(They look really gray).I wear glasses,just not in pictures.I live in Newfoundland...please.No Newfie jokes. D: Newfoundland = small island on the edge of Canada where barely anyone goes.It's where everyone gets drunk and talks like they're mentally retarded.Youtube Newfie. xD Anyway,I'm an exception.I'm the coolest Newfie you'll ever meet.HAHAHAHAH.ANYWHO.My hobbies...jumping out windows,sniffing Glade air fresheners,looking into flashlights and going blind,sitting on chairs,ROFLing,typing in "porn" on google,wetting the bed,combing my milk moustache,and of course,reading "How to have sex" books.I also like to blast my folk music from my iPod and piss off neighbours. :] My skills are the exact same as Napoleon Dynamite's.Am I single?Yes.Hit me up,babeh and you might be able to get muh numbah.We can have phone sex just like Chris Crocker does. :o Just kidding.But I am single,in case you were wondering.My friends...I love you. :] This means you Kylie,Olivia,Lucky,Morgan. <3 And I don't give shoutouts to everyone,so feel special.But yeah,you rock.Couldn't ask for better friends.And to everyone else I talk to on here,you're still amazing.So yeee,hoes and pimps.Talk to meh and I might just love you too. :]
LIKES; Twilight;Hello Kitty;Rainbows;Guys with sexy hair;Polka Dots;Shoes;Dr.Pepper;Eyeliner;Grillz;Beads;Scene hair;Edward Cullen;Pizza;Chocolate;Big sunglasses;Belts;Nailpolish;Guitar Hero;Puppies;Myspace;Skinny jeans;Music;Slushies;Nerds;Gloomy Bear;Horror movies;My iPod;Wal-Mart;Hitler moustaches;Sunflower seeds;Borat; DISLIKES; Bad hair days;Haters;Homophobics;Shallow people;Girlicious;School;Turnip;Basketball;Whores;Homework;Donuts;Parents;Perverts;Old men;George Bush;Attention seekers;Violence;N008SP33K;Anorexics;Boats;Bugs;Canadian Idol;Tans;Super hot days;The news;Bald people;Pimples;Buses;Hairy backs;
iPod. Blessthefall <3 Brokencyde Millionaires Forever The Sickest Kids Escape The Fate The Medic Droid
Film [: 21 Juno Be Kind,Rewind Urban Legend The Butterfly Effect Superbad
Glasses. Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn Among The Hidden The Outsiders
So,yeah.That's me.Message me if you want,letter me if you want,kupichat me if you want(I probably will take longer to respond on KupiChat,I almost never see the little arrow there)Got any questions?Too bad,ya pedo.Haha,just kidding.Ask me anything.Except for my underwear.Rock_Lee_,this means you,my friend.
I've got a few things you can contact me at.
Myspace -->
Facebook -->
Msn -->
Yahoo -->
AIM --> BAMilovepickles
Stickam --> ninjadino
Habbo --> NinjaDino
Nexopia --> moosaystheduck
So bye.Get the fuck off my page now,please. [:



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13 Sep 08
For the bishes who don't know yet.
Courtney has a new account.

NinjaDino's getting old.Nothing...
5 Sep 08
Bella didn't die in the first one,cause Edward spit her back out.Cause.She tasted like...

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Yay for random drawings.Here's what you say in this type of situation.Kylie/brainwashed is love.

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Q&A Section   
madman 20 Oct 08  
NinjaDino 26 Oct 08  
LaaLAUREN 9 Sep 08  
emo frizzball :s 
Just go all jackie chan on their ass 8D
meh, school :|
NinjaDino 11 Sep 08  
Lol,yes.Emo frizzball.I tease my hair alot,so I guess that makes
sense,especially in humidity.
I almost kicked some dude's head in.Woo.

Yeah.School sucks.
LaaLAUREN 6 Sep 08  
Goood :D
Yeeeah am alright thanks 
Bit pissed cos of being back to school, but yenno i'll live ;o
what you been up to?
NinjaDino 7 Sep 08  
Oh,not much.
I'm pissed about school too,haha.
I'm known as the "emo frizzball" there.
LaaLAUREN 1 Sep 08  
Hey :]
Its Random_Lauren_XD
This is my new account, add if you want?
Howre you?
NinjaDino 6 Sep 08  
Oh heeey!
Yeah,sure,I'll add.
I'm great,how's you?
morganMAYDAY 26 Aug 08  
Yo Fool.
OMG DUDE. I got my nose pierced.
Fo sho its sexy.
LOL. SO what are you up to?
NinjaDino 27 Aug 08  
I uh...almost burnt down a house a couple days ago.
All I wanted to do was bake cookies D:
But yeah,the first batch came out great,so it's all good.
Who cares about our lives,or more importantly the house? xD

Right now me and Karissa are catching bugs. :]
IN THE HOUSE.Poisonous ones.Yes.Very fun.
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