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Debate on the 13th Zodiac sign

I love the zodiac. I've been reading on the argument lately about there being a 13th sign, the serpent bearer,
Ophiuchus. I've been reading some interesting arguments on both sides on if it should be seen as a zodiac or not. I
feel like putting my opinion out and seeing what others think. Please leave a comment after reading, I'd really like to
know your opinion. 
Astronomers have said that there is a 13th sign, from what I've read a lot of astrologers disagree. From what I can
astronomers are looking at this in a very realistic and scientific way. Now, the zodiac is astrology. Not astronomy.
That's one of my problems and why is myself disagree with Ophiuchus as a 13th sign. Astrology is the study of the
influence of stars and planets have on human lives. To put it basically. Astronomy is the study of the planets and
stars, a scientific branch. My first question is, why is astronomy saying what astrology is now? The two are different.
They play in a similar field but are not the same thing at all when you think about it. While astrology is dealing with
how this effects a persons personality and life astronomy is a scientific study on space. It's easy to mix the two, but
shouldn't be done. From what I've been reading the original zodiac held 12 signs, we modernly use 12 signs. The zodiac
go hand in hand with the months and season, a 13th would mess it up. There are 12 months and there are signs for the
seasons. If this doesn't make much sense go ahead and read for yourself some the arguments that go into the detail of
astrology and astronomy. 
To me, the fact astronomers are saying there may be a 13th sign is silly. Why? Like I've said before, the zodiac is
astrology. The opinions I've read that agree with the 13th sign tend to be very logical and realistic in their
arguments, like the seasons being different around the world. Therefore effecting what your sign really is. And the
Earth being now tilted a different way. I find this argument intriguing, really I do. I disagree with it though because
I think it's too logical for something that's not actually a real thing. Let's be honest here, this is like trying to
logically argue if a vampire could walk in daylight or something. Putting too much science into something that doesn't
really have to do with hardcore, realistic, down to the bone fact is a waste. So, in my opinion, astronomers shouldn't
be saying there is possibly a 13th sign. Don't look at this so logically. The zodiac is fun and interesting, but it
not have to do with astronomy or so much scientific outlooks. So what if the Earth is tilted differently? So what if
season deal isn't dead on? If the majority of astrology, if not all astrology says there's only 12 signs, there's only
12 signs! 
So, astronomers, please leave astrology to the ASTROLOGERS. Stop comparing apples and oranges. You're taking the
astrology way too seriously. Do you know what you find on many astrology sites? Psychics, tarot readings. What about
astronomy site? A ton of factual information. So anyways, that's my view on this 13th sign. I do not recognize
as a zodiac sign. I'd love to hear what others have to say, and I encourage to read more about the subject if astrology
interests you. I've kept things quite vague, purely because my argument is that it's astronomy vs. astrology, science
vs. unproven, mythical fun. Don't take it so seriously, and yes I realize writing this shows I take it seriously lol.
            Thank you, 
p.s. I'll be damned if they call me a Virgo. I'm a Scorpio. Nothing else.
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  Nightmaregirl — Page created: 26 July 2013
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‹αѕѕвυтт› says :   26 July 2013   738714  
Aries - Aradia
Taurus - Tavros
Gemini - Sollux
Cancer - Karkat
Leo - Nepeta
Virgo - Kanaya
Libra - Terezi
Scorpio -Vriska
Sagittarius - Equius
Capricorn - Gamzee
Aquarius - Eridan
Pisces - Feferi
Ophiuchus - Caliborn and Calliope

I'm not into astrology, but as a Homestuck, it makes sense. Kinda.

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