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Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl

how many of u know the comic 'Lenore the cute little dead girl?' it's freakin' awsome!it's pretty groary,but also has a
crued hummor to it.if u don't know it ,i'd recommend u to at least look up the little cartoon serries they had on or go on you tube to watch some short little episodes to get a taste of lenore.some of the charicters
Lenore,she's a 10 year old undead girl who has these wierd little adventuers with her freinds.she kills a lot of
things,mainly on accedent,unless it's someone she dosen't like.Lenore loves animals mainly cats,but they always
accedentally die by her,she gose through like 51 cats or something,never really realizing what she's doing.
Ragamuffin,he's a vampire doll(my favorite charicter)he was a vampire untill he killed one lady who had a witch for a
sister,who turned him into a doll.Lenore pricked her finger on a needle and her blood fell him and it broke part of the
curse.turning him into a living doll.the curse wasn't fully broken because there was something wrong with her blood,he's
restored to his true self sometimes,but only temporarilly.Ragamuffin lives with Lenore and gose on a lot of adventures
with her,being a very loyal doll and freind.
Mr.Gosh,he's not really a freind of Lenores,he's just obssesivly in love with her,he stalks her and is constantly killed
by her,always beliving she did it by accident,he's not really liked by anyone,eccspesually disliked by Lenore and
Ragamuffin.he accutally had thretand Mr.Gosh before for annoying Lenore,she temporarilly falls for him when she sees his
real face behind this bag with buttons he always wears.
Taxidermy,he's Lenores neighbor,he looks part human with a deer head,claiming it's a medical condition.
Pooty,he's a bounty hunter sent to get Lenore and bring her back to heck where she belongs,he eventually becomes freinds
with her though,and dosen't take her back.he's also the one who brings Ragamuffin back to his true vampire form

LenorePictures,images and

this is a pic of lenore and ragamuffin.

i'll be adding some more pics of the charicters once i find some more good ones.
sorry if i spelled anything wrong.
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