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Duuuuuuuude! I was over at my friends for a sleep over and we had our wigs <3 We did go out for a walk but it was
FREEZING. No joke. We were only out for 5 minutes and when we got back... We couldn't feel our legs! And I took my white
wig off, my hair was all curly. If I can find the vid we took might post it. I don't think many of you care either way
xDD Feel free to vote however, I could use a push in a certain direction.

ANYWAY! On to the cosplaying. We were talking and all of a sudden my bestfriend starts talking about they had a great
plan! (Not giving gender, I'mma post pics soon and see if you can guess if they are he or she~) They had a great pose
for myself.

Being the way I am, I protested at first but then they kinda persisted and I agreed finally. So I now have loads of
pictures of my friend and myself doing random poses. (If you've seen a pic in my picstream with myself and Kisame,
you'll know I hardly find myself attractive.. Ha! How lovely right?) 

However, my camera died and we couldn't find batteries for my friend's phone so they're all on my phone and I don't know
how to take them off xDD When I find out how to take them off I'm posting them here~ <3 

Please comment on them, I love to hear what people have to say... Well unless it's to hate. Anyway, I'll chat with you
guys later~. (If we're aren't friends feel free to message me~ I love to chat. Read profile for more info on me n_n)
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