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the people:
Bob:99 year old mysterious man he wears a special Navy Robe and has a very long Beard and has white hair. his eyes r
Lilly: happy 7 year old!:D She has Blonde short hair. Greanish eyes, and wears a Beautiful Blue Velvet dress!with a nice
purple lace!
Mike: emoish 15 year old. he has Black hair with red streaks. Yelow eyes and wears a Black hoodie and has baggy jeans.
Nina: happy 13 year old!She Has brown hair and blue eyes. she wears a Dark green tangtop and black pants, she always has
her hair in a pony-tail!

                                                                            How This Story Begins
                                                                                Chapter 1
It is a lovely day in New York, sun was shining and just some clouds...but not to many..just right for swiming!
"hey Mike! look at that Lake! did u bring ur trunks?!" Lilly said in such happyness and joy to have seen such flawless
" nah, i don't want to swim anyways, Lilly."Mike had that playful  sound in his voice as he said those words, but Lilly
looked a tad sad.
"well can i still go?"she had that small squeaky voice on.
"why not, but just stay out of the gooey stuff!"Mike laughed those words out.
"But Broder, you can't!" she wasnt getting the whole thing, she is just wat she is, a kid.
"just go in the water!" Mike laughed out.
"umm...broder...wittle help...i cant get mi shirt off" Lilly giggles those words out.
Mike sighs "well your mi sister..." helps her get her shirt off.
Lilly smiles "tank u!"
Mike laughs a tiny bit " your welcome!"
Lilly runs off into the water.
Mike sits and thinks to self about what could happen to his little sister,oh how much he wishes not to.
Then a  Lady walks up to him.
"excuse me?"the Lady said.
Mike looked at this lady wondering who she was and why she's here.
"who are you and what do you want?"he said.
"i am Mrs. Pishman, and you look like one of those missing kids i saw on TV today.."She had a knda mysterious voice to
Mike had to think quickly....he knew he was that kid on TV and so was his sister, Lilly who has not known she was
"im sorry you got the wrong person"he kinda trembled.
"ah okay, so who is that girl?" Mrs.Pishman was making Mike scared, he didn't want to be sent back home, he hated his
mom and dad, hey are drunks...
and what he has been through he doesn't want Lilly to go through it too...
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Neko_Naruto_Luver says :   30 May 2008   843239  
mi bad!>.<
oof i mispell dont u?

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