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This page is owned by Neko_Corpse.

I'm Emo. Got a Problem? Read!

Hello, my name is, Neko Corpse. I'm EMO!!

You got a problem? Then, you were smart to read this.

1. Don't Add Meh/message me if your not going to be nice.

 2. Emos are people. And so they can kick your ass/ talk shit using the keyboard, too.

3. Haters can kiss my ass. I hate Hate HATE haters.

4. If you got a problem with me...grow the fuck up. We ain't offline were I can kick your ass.

5. Wipe the evil grin and smirk off your face, it doesn't make you any pretty that you are not.

6. If your  reading this so you can understand me, thanks, your a pal. 

7. If your reading this because you got nothing better to do, heh, funny you found this blog.

8. Don't like the way I talk,dress, act then you can just STEP out of my face 

9. If your a female, and think your all that......LISTEN UP....

Brick wall


 girl u think u got it all

 but u don't

i do 

so boom wit that attitude

 reeses pieces captain crunch

got sumthin u can't tounch 

bang bang choo choo train

 wind me up while i do my thing

reeses pieces 7up 

Mess with me i'll mess you up

 elbow elbow

wrist wrist 

Cry now GIRL


10. If you don't like me, if you still have that smirk, and this blog just made you hate me more. Then, you got to do
what you got to do.

1031 Spring Walters Rd

Elbany, NY 12334

Luv Meh Hate Meh
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  Neko_Corpse — Page created: 8 September 2007
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