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I Love You, Guys~! [[Teh Best Friends]]

So, here's list of my friends on Kupika that I consider my nearest and dearest. :|
Not much to say, really. >_>
Just read it.

[[In No Particular Order, Ilya~!]]

Jessi, Squi, Jess, BatSqui, or whatever you wanna call her. She's one of my bestest friends on Kupika, hence her being
on top of the list. ^-^ We never talk on Kupika anymore, because of the wonders on MSN. We can always make eachother
laugh, and I hope we can stay friends for ages. <33 I luff yooh, Squi. And... she was the one who created the Phont
fiasco, and for that, I luffs her even more. 

Ahh, Eva, AKA SuperK, another one of my best friends via teh interwebs. She's really fun to talk to, and she's one of
the prettiest girls I've ever met, which makes me kinda jealous, but nonetheless, shes a fun, witty, talkative girl, and
if you arn't friends with her, you should talk to her. ^-^ She's bound to make you laugh, and you'll fall
head-over-heels for her. 

ALEX~ We've only known each other a small amount of time, but we've become pretty good friends, I s'pose. She's a fellow
randomer, and I luffs her for that. <3 She's also a really pretty girl to. =D She's funny, and she's got a personality
that you'll be drawn to in an instant. 

I totally love her, she was another of my first friends on Kupika. ^-^ We're pretty similar, but we're pretty different
in ways, which is why she's awesome. <3 

The Commander-Chan/Manyan
Gah, I feel so guilty for not talking to her much nowadays. She's a brilliant artist, and she posses some awesome
skills, and personally, I think she's modest about her art. I love her randomness, too, and she was the one who got me
interested in Japanese stuff, and Miyavi. ^-^ Gah, I wanna know her real name. D:

Man, I feel so guilty for not talking to him as much now. T^T He's funneh, and's guaranteed to make anyone laugh. He
takes awesome photos too, and he practictically has the whole of the popualtion of girls on Kupika drooling over him.

Don't worry if you're not on teh list, I'll update this soon. 
Or tell me, I have a habit of forgetting stuff. e.e
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‹tinysparrow.› says:   24 September 2007   357126  
I'm at the top, I feel so loved. >o<
I hope we stay friends for as long as my internet connection stays alive. xD
And if it breaks...
I get an internet access do-hickey at the library. XD
-uberhugglomptackle- :DD

<33 Squi

Lyncheh says:   24 September 2007   826622  

I love you.

And I mean that in a straight way.


..yeah, I do.

Lawl. <3 ^___^
‹Belle <3› says:   18 October 2007   634468  
um hello member me :P
Lyncheh says:   25 October 2007   643933  
We've known each other since the dawn of time, actually. <3
MEGALOLZ_x says:   25 October 2007   385731  
omfggg i love you, woman!

srsl, everyone should know, this girl is amazzzzing!

oresama whispers :   11 December 2007   633641  
██████ Manyan Yip.  :D
First name shall be a secret.  @__________@   I'm sorry, Squirrel-samaaa!  )': 
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