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here ill show youtube videos

Hamster Dance Naruto Style

Im to Sexy - for Naruto

Sexy Naruto(all boy characters)

naruto vs. Haku

Hey Mickey Naruto

aw man this is so funny!!!!!!!! SasuSaku- Barbie Girl

(the chatrooms are all in order also i didnt make them)
Naruto Online Chat#1 The Insanity Begins

Naruto Online Chat#2 Dance Moves/The Kitty Virus

Naruto Online Chat#3 Favorite music and more insanity!!

Naruto Online Chat#4 Confessions

Naruto online chat#5 Whos hotter/A suprise!!

Naruto online chat#6 The girls turn/Tsunade

Naruto online chat#7 Sadness and the message

Naruto online chat#7 Part2 Sadness and the messeage

Naruto online chat#8 The christmas chrisis/sick hyuugas

Naruto online chat#8 part2 what did u get for christmas!

Naruto online chat#9 The new year is here!!!

Naruto online chat#10 The mission and crazyness

Naruto Online Chat#11 Neji is a big pervert!

Naruto online Chat#12 Neji gets what he wants......

Naruto Online Chat#13 Love conquers all

Naruto Online Chat#14 silent legend/favorite couple!

Naruto Online Chat#15 Its Back/love problems

Naruto Online Chat#16 A new begining/ some viewers join in!!

(that is the end of naruto online chat!)
(also all chatrooms if they have more than 1 r in order)
naruto chat room 1

Naruto Chat Room Fun

naruto chatroom 1

naruto chatroom 2

naruto chatroom 3

naruto chatroom 4

Naruto online chat 1- The crazy beginning!
(this is not the 1 above that goes 1-16 in chatrooms!)

Naruto online chat 2 - the unforeseen

Naruto Online Chat

Real Ninjas I LOVE THIS!

Naruto Looks Like a Lady

Naruto We Will Rock you Hardcore version

Dude Looks Like A Lady

rock lees to sexy(not a big rock lee fan but this is hilarous!)

naruto too sexy

Show us the way

A Dance Off(i love this 1 the song is stuck in my head although its japenese!)

Naruto: Shippuuden Opening(if you dont want to see time skip naruto characters do not watch!)

Naruto: Shippuuden Ending(i like this 1)

lee,gaara,sasuke and naruto vid/sexy no justu

Naruto Conversation

Gaara's Bringing Sexy Back(GAARA! <3 yes i love gaara!)

AMV - Enter Gaara (to Enter Sandman)

Naruto's and Everyone's Hampster

naruto funny
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