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Request Art & Punk Marks

Hello Fellow Rock Stars, Punkers, Retromancer, and Calligraphers I'm taking Art Trades and Requests. It's free people. Absolutely FREE. If your intreasted, scroll down.
All YOU Have To Do Is - Message me, or Comment, - Tell me what YOU want in your picture, SPECIFICALLY. - Anything that i don't know- i'll make up for my self. So if you want something a CERTAIN WAY- you have to TELL ME. SAMPLE: say something like, "My avatar with very pale skin, Eating a chocolate bar like a fat-so, and she's sitting on a hill, her back up against a tree, watching a sunset.. and blah blah, blah,blabbity,blah,more blah, and add, blah to blabbity please." Sincerly, Gretchen StarwinkleXXXxxxCocopuffs121 - Nice people get the Nicest things Currently ♥ D': NADA! So Far ♥ D': NADA! JSYK I'm kinda bad at - Animals - Nature backgrounds F.Y.I + Donations are much abliged. Thankies. + I take my time- expect 3-6 days d; + I did say FREE. So don't feel obligated to pay me. + I need to practice drawing people AND objects so it would be just- STELLER if you guys could incopperate one of those things into you request! + I'll email you when you request is finished + Oh right. I'm not very good, so ya. :T Sorry if it turns out to look like a turd. That'd be MY BAD but still YOUR FAULT cuz i warned you.
Well that's pretty much it. Much love, to my loves. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Punk
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  NailPolishDePunks — Page created: 8 January 2012
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