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BOYz and Girlz i like or hate.

There is one girl who does not like for no reason what so ever. her name is jasmine gallaway. i can't stand cuz her one
i wore a little bit of fake hair and she came up to me and said you that don't match right. I  said you know what it do
match cuz
what u need to do is stop worrying about me and worry about and worry about that fake thang on top of yo head that YOU
call a weave. she is a fat ugly stupid girl... she spreads mean rumors about me. i wanna spread some about her but that
would make me juast as bad as she is. wut should i do ?

I LOVE  TYLER WOOD he goes to RideOut Elementary he is in sixth grade going to seventh. and he knows me too.lets just
say i'm an old friend.

hey pple hope u like m page give me bad or good compliments i don't care luv ya !!!

I am a really nic person and this  story is about a gurl who ruined her life by pushing one button.
true story

There waz this gurl named Rachell her a good life and good friends and she had a scholarship from Harvard.
One day shae decided to go on a Myspace chat room to chat with this guy named Stan. Usually this is something Rachell
would never do because she is a smart child . She gave out a lot of info about her like her adress, state, phone number,
school,city, her name, her parent's name, her e-mail, and then she gave him one MOST important thing your not supposed
to tell.Not even your parents.She gave out her social-sercurity. You would've thought that some one like Rachell would
be smarter than that. Now Rachell and Stan had been chatting for eleven months Rachell thought she was in love. One
night Stan proposed to Rachelle
over internet.(how lame is that) She accepted.Then Rachelle decided that they should get married on a virtual church
chapel.then Stan told Rachell to meet at Holiday Inn for the honney moon. when Rachell got the room key she  and opened
the door
she screamed turned that Stan was not what she expected.........Stan was actually a 45 year old lawyer. He raped
Rachell,killed her and  
stole money from her social -security(never give out our social-security) and ran off. Herparents were in denial. she
never graduated highschool and never went to Harvard.
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  NERVANA — Page created: 15 May 2007
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cunnyqueen says:   15 May 2007   837628  
hiya u no if u want good advise come to ma adc=vise page
angelgirl629 says:   15 May 2007   494132  
For your problem I think I can help....
It's okay if she spreads rumours about you. Ignore them. If you pay no attention to
her she'll stop.
Also, try to avoid her or try to avoid arguing with her or talking to her.
And, you really shouldn't care what other people think of you because what you think
about yourself, is the most important!
Hope that helps!
Danielle10 says :   17 May 2007   822447  
elouai's doll maker 3
      oh wow..

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