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Blood and Fangs

Not so long ago was a murder, this wasn't no normal murder. But all murders aren't normal... This happened on Christmas
Eve, at the world leaders meeting. There was everyone, Germany and N.Italy were extremely drunk and were making
out,others giving presents, drinking, and having a merry old time. Except for Russia he was sitting in the corner all
alone. Transylvania came over to him, "Hey, is Belarus bothering you again?" She asked him. "Nah, she isn't. Thank god."
Russia smiled. "Then what's a matter? You aren't drinking." Transylvania was worried for her friend. "It's a dark
secret, England and I have..." Russia sighed. "Oh, maybe people should except who you guys are." She smiled at him.
Russia got angry, "We are not dating! I am not gay!" Russia growled at her. "Then what is it." Transylvania looked at
him. "It's something we have in common... We can't tell you." Russia cooled down. "You can tell me, I won't tell
anyone." She said. "I can't even tell you, because no one would believe us." Russia sighed. "Then show me." Transylvania
looked at him. "No, you'd think I'm a monster." Russia said to her. "Russia, can I speak to you." England came over.
"Sure." Russia got up and walked with England. Transylvania decided to follow them, they went outside under the full
moon. "Do you want the humans to know?!" England smacked him. Russia fell on the ground in pain. "How dare he!"
Transylvania got angry. "Stupid dog!" England kicked him. "Leave Russia alone!" Transylvania came out of hiding. England
smirked and two very large fangs came down from his mouth. Transylvania froze, "No way!" She looked at him.
"Transylvania! Get out of here!" Russia yelled at her. "No, we must have no witness." England walked over to her and
smelled her hair. "Hey! Don't do that you freak!" Transylvania backed away from him. "Leave her alone!" Russia growled
and his ears were wolf ears, his eyes glowed yellow, and he was a werewolf. England grabbed her, and smiled evilly. "You
bite her I will kill you!" Russia snarled at England. "Is that a challenge?" England looked at him. "No this is!" Russia
launched at him and clawed him across his face. Transylvania watched them battle. "No! Stop this!" She yelled. England
came down and grabbed her and flew off with her. "Russia! Help!" Transylvania screamed. Russia ran after them, but
moments before England killed China before this horrible event. "It's okay I won't hurt you." England used those same
words to charm China. Transylvania looked at him, "Why do I trust a blood drinker?" Transylvania asked herself. They
landed in a forest, she sat under a tree with England. "Relax and you won't feel a thing." England used his charm.
Transylvania relaxed herself, and then she felt a sharp pain in her neck. England bit her and drank her warm blood, A
half an hour past and she was almost dry of blood. Russia came crashing threw the trees and tackled into England. "GAH!"
England went flying. "You're too late you stupid dog, she's almost dead." England laughed. "You bastard! Why?!" Russia
rushed over to Transylvania. "Transylvania please don't die! Please! Don't die! I love you Transylvania!" Russia went
over to her body and cried. "So pathetic..." England snorted. "Russia..." Transylvania whispered weakly. "Transylvania,
oh thank God!" Russia smiled at her. "I will live for you, because I love you too." Transylvania said weakly. England
clapped, "Bravo... I have two say you two put on a great show..." "I will kill you!" Russia snarled and grabbed
England's throat. He tore him apart limb from limb and ripped out his heart. Transylvania watched him eat his prey. When
he finished he walked over to her. "Russia I-" Transylvania began to spoke. "Shhh... you're too weak." Russia said to
her and leaned forward and kissed her. After they finished he got her to the hospital. The next moring she was ready to
go back, Russia helped her out to the world meeting. They all had a good Christmas and Russia and Transylvania ended up
getting married two years after that. But we go back to England's dead body, he opens his eyes. "I'm going to get you
Transylvania and Russia, and your family too." England put himself back together and laughed evilly. Russia was playing
with his 13 year old son Roman, and Transylvania was smiling at them. Then a crash came threw the window that night.
"Russia!" Transylvania screamed. "Dad! Mom's gone!" His son yelled. "Son, I need you're help. Come." Russia jumped out
the window. "What are you crazy?!" Roman looked at his father. "Son, we're werewolves." Russia said to him and jumped
and grabbed Roman. "Impossible they don't exist... Do they?" Roman asked then he fell on the ground and turned into the
beast. His father was already in his werewolf form. "Roman! Let's go!" Russia said and ran off. Roman followed him.
England was carrying Transylvania again and but her to a very high castle. "Relax, I promise it won't hurt." England
said charmingly. "No, last time you tried to kill me!" Transylvania backed up against a wall. "Come, join me in the
afterlife. You could live forever." England held out his hand. Transylvania was frighten. "Trust me..." His voiced was
cold. "Not without a deal!" Transylvania said. "Okay, what is the deal?" England said. "If I join you, you have to leave
my family alone?" Transylvania asked. "Sure." England hissed. Transylvania grabbed his hand, and England grabbed her
close and stared at her lustfully. "You'll only feel a pinch..." He smiled and licked her neck. Transylvania blushed. "I
see this is exciting you." He smiled pervertly. Transylvania was excited by this, she let a moan of enjoyment. England
laid her down on the bed, he bit her neck and drank her warm blood once again. "I smell her dad she's somewhere near."
Roman said. "Good son, I bet that bastard England has her." Russia snarled. Back at the castle, England stripped her
naked. "You have such a nice body." England smirked and licked her chest. "No, please! Stop!" Transylvania shouted. "But
you're enjoying this... I can sense it." England began to rub her breasts. "Please this is wrong!" Transylvania had
tears rolling down her eyes. England kissed her with passion, and took off his clothes as well. "No, please! I don't
want to have sex with you!" Transylvania let out a cry. "Dad! I hear her! She's close she's in the castle! But there's a
silver fence." Roman said. "Damn it! We're gonna have to wait until sunrise." Russia sighed and sat down. "But Dad-"
Roman began to speak. "We can only hope she is okay." Russia's eyes began to fill with tears. "England! Please! I agreed
to join you not to have sex with you!" Transylvania moaned. "Well that's just too bad." England began to make her suck
his dick. "You have a nice mouth girl. I should make you my slave." England laughed. Transylvania's eyes were filled
with tears. "This is rape." She spit it out. "Not rape if you like it." England pinned her down. He started doing her,
"No!" Transylvania shrieked. England bit her neck again and drank. Transylvania moaned, "Russia! Help me!" Russia ears
twitched and he ran towards the castle. Roman bounded right after him. With great might Russia jumped over the fence and
so did Roman. They got into the room when England had finished with her and blood dripped from her breast and his mouth.
"That was refreshing." England said peacefully. "You fucked my wife?!" Russia was super angry.  "And it was great to."
England smiled getting his pants on. "Dad? Is everything alright?" Roman looked around and saw his mother lying there.
"You bastard! what did you do to her?!" Roman growled. "Show her what a real man is, not a stupid mutt." England said.
"Mutt?! You had sex with my mother and called us mutts?!" Roman growled. "Roman, I'll rip off his head, you rip off his
heart and burn it." Russia pounced on England. England threw him off. Roman ripped off his leg, and Russia ripped off
his head. Roman started a fire, and threw England's head in it. Russia ripped his heart out and threw it in the fire as
well. Russia picked up Transylvania and ran off for the castle to burn. Transylvania woke up in her bed while Roman and
Russia were watching her. "Dad, she's awake!" Roman cheered. "Roman! Russia!" She had a robe on and hugged them both.
They went on with their "normal" lives together and lived together forever. The End. Oh and Germany had sex with
N.Italy. So there you go Yaoi lovers. And N.Italy liked it... no wait... he loved it... XD The end!
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  Mythicalgirl09 — Page created: 29 November 2010
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‹Green Spring Grass› says :   29 November 2010   450595  
that was racist, was really awkwardly written, had a weird word choice, and kind of
weirded me out. other than that, 'twas flamazing XD

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