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A Little story i wrote now..

" There Was a boy named Charlie, and a Boy named john. John was the Quiet one of the two, and Charlie was always The
Risk-taker, fun one. One day, Charlie decided to do a prank on The mean guy down the street, named  wardley, ( 3 house
away ) from John. The Plan was To Fill balloons with pudding and throw it at house. And so that night, John was
thinking, '' Finally something fun! Im so siked. What if we get caught? ''.  Then he fell asleep. The Next day he was
Awoken by Charlie's foot steps running up the stairs. '' Dude, Wake Up! " Charlie said, while shaking the bed. '' Im up,
Jeez, he Said sitting up, Rubbing his eyes. '' Eww, Wipe those eye boogers ''  charlie laughed. I Have the Stuff in my
backpack. Alright, John said as He got excited and felt like his heart was going 1000 Mph. While John went to the
bathroom down the hall, Charlie had planned something Different; That john did not know of. He Sneaked to John's 
Father's Room. He Was Dep. Edward houston, the most respected Cop in the city of New haven, Conneticut. Charlie reached
ontop of Dep. Houston's Dresser, Knowing what he would find, a 6 Shot 9mm Fully loaded Firing Police Gun he kept Incase
of an emergency. He Stuffed it Into the bottom of his backpack. He Quietly ran to John's room, sat down on the bed,
acting like nothing happend. '' Ready? '' Said John. Yeah. And they both Played outside for the rest of the day. At
around 9:00 pm, They went back To charlies house, but They went to the Garage instead of johns Room, For they thought, a
less chance to get caught. After they filled alll the Balloons with Pudding, They Stuffed them in Charlie's backpack,
and ran to wardley's house. John Started  to throw them, But Charlie was too busy looking into his Backpack, '"arent You
going to throw Some? " , And Passed some to Charlie. Yeah in a Sec, Said charlie. What are you Looking for? Said John,
Getting Nervous. I Found Some Pegs for my Bike, Said charlie, Lying Right out his Teeth, but It was good enough For
john, because he Believed it. Charlie Pulled out the gun

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  Mundi — Page created: 24 May 2009  |  Last modified: 22 February 2010
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Mundi says:   24 May 2009   421527  
Its Sad at The End, That i haven't Wrote yet ^^.
selenagomez92xx says :   22 February 2010   728713  
wow, thats good. keep writing! i like it

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