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Hey everybody this is my page. It's for all of the B5 lovers out there. Later i'm going to be putting my story on here
so stay tuned. commit plz.

okay so u've been waiting for 2 days and now here it is my story

One wish

     Shana Caraway- main character, 16 years young, a tutor, shy, quite, sensitive, vegetarian, smart, best friends with
   Sydney Caraway- main character’s sister, 12 ½ years old, loud, energetic, flirty, hyper 24/7, likes to pretend
she’s cupid and get people together
  Bryan Breeding- Patrick’s younger brother, 13 years old, very energetic, always doing something, nosy
   Carnell Breeding- Also Patrick’s younger brother, 15 years old, has crush on Shana, shy, gets tutored by Shana,
stays to himself except when with his best friends
  Patrick Breeding- Middle child of the breeding family, 16 ½ years, loud, bold, encouraging, energetic, Shana’s best
friend, Clover Peterson’s boyfriend
    Kelly Breeding- second oldest breeding boy, 18 years old, mysterious, stays to himself, doesn’t talk much,
incredibly smart, misunderstood
    Dustin Breeding- eldest breeding boy, 19 years old, ladies man, high school drop out, dreams of being rich and
famous with a big family

   R.J Peterson- eldest Peterson child, 17 years old, your average cute, funny, boy across the street
  Clover Peterson- youngest Peterson child, 15 years old, bad, mean, fake, too serious for her own good, spoiled, most
popular girl in school, and is Patrick’s girlfriend
     Conner Goodwin- youngest Goodwin child, 13 years old, smart, funny, Bryan and Sydney’s best friend
     Nicole Goodwin- oldest Goodwin child, 17 years old, second most popular girl in school, Shana’s cousin, very
emotional, loves acting
   Saint – lives with older brother, 15 years old, tough, strong, shy, quite, best friend
    Taylor Smith- Sydney’s babysitter…sometimes Bryan’s and Conner’s too, 18 years old, in the wrong place at
the wrong time, likes to get into danger or trouble…whichever comes first, lives by herself with her little brother in
an apartment 
    Todwin Smith- 3 months, curious, never cries except when scared, Taylor’s little brother

Chapter 1: The Intro

It’s 6:43pm on Tuesday, March 3rd 2007

Shana’s P.O.V

-Written in dairy-
I’m writing in my diary. I always write in my diary to say how I feel since I don’t really have anybody to tell.
Sure I have the average mom, dad, and little sister, but I just can’t tell them these kinds of things. They wouldn’t
understand. There’s so much that go through my head in just one second that they’ll probably just think of me of
some weird freak. That’s what everyone thinks of me here. A freak. Well…that’s not entirely true, I have on friend
here, and his name is Patrick. He’s been nice to me since the day I moved into this neighborhood (3 months ago). My
cousin has too, but she’s my cousin so she kind of in a way has to. I used to think that I would hate living here, but
lately…. I don’t know….it’s just different here now. Oh well, I guess I’ll figure it out later cause I’ve
got to go eat.
					Peace out,
						       Shana Caraway

The next day after school, 5:30pm March 4th 2007
-Written in diary-
At school today everything was pretty much normal as usual. Kids bumping into me in the halls, getting called all types
of names by people I don’t even know, and last but not least a note on my locker from my not so secret admire. The
note says “Freak!!” Apparently Clover, Patrick’s girlfriend, must really love me. NOT!! I really don’t get what
that chicks problem is but the very first day Patrick introduced her to me, she’s treated me like crap. The weirdest
part of it is….Patrick doesn’t even notice!! Even his younger brother, Bryan, can tell the girl would trade me in
for nothing. But anyways, back on topic, this is how my school life rolls. I get on the bus. Kids pick on me. I get off
the bus. Kids pick on me. I enter the school. Kids pick on me. I go to class. And you’ll never guess what happens.
Kids pick on me. I’ve kind of gotten use to it. At my old school it was pretty much just like this, except my olds
schools ways of tormenting me were a lot more original. Other than the popularity issue, everything is great, my grades
are great, the friends that I actually do have are great, my life at home’s been a lot better too. And by that I mean
my dad and mom aren’t arguing and me and my sister, Sydney, aren’t arguing either. Maybe this place won’t be so
bad after all. You never know.

Chapter 2: As if things couldn’t get worst
	Shana’s P.O.V
This weekend Clover is going over to her grandma’s house. I am so happy. Now I can actually hang out with Patrick,
without worrying about any interruptions. I don’t know why, but I’ve been wanting a lot of that time lately.
Awkward. So today, Patrick and I are going to hang out at the mall with Taylor. It’s the first time in 2 months since
us three just went somewhere with just us. 
What Shana’s wearing:

At the mall……
	Okay so we’re all hanging out having fun. Until Patrick brings out a surprise for us. You’ll never guess who it
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