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People I appreciate even if I met them once.

Chip: It was nice meeting you once at the rock concert. 

Ray: Thanks for letting fly your kite. Even though I almost made it get shot down by flying it too close to the

Andrea: You're awsome. I'm always glad roleplaying with you.

Becca:I'm SUPER GLAD you didn't leave. You're great.

Goddess:  Even though the whole fight about who's Mew made me feel like a bad founder its very nice to know you.

Cosmo: Even though I still have no clue whats going on with you I'm glad we met and have become friends.

Gabi: Best friend since 5th grade I'm glad you got over my annoyingness and created a great friendship.

Chan: Even though you can be the most annoying person in the world you do have those funny moments.

Moses: My sick friend, no wonder we get along.

Kierra: Rock n' roll buddy roleplaying is fun with you.

Emma(Yes,you,the one who made Jack): Boy am I glad I read your comic, and we seriously need to skype more often  :D

Nicole: You've changed alot since I've met you but thank for supporting my sonic nerdness.

Kelly: No clue why I'm finding you annoying all of a sudden but thanks for being friends when I just moved to the

Holly: Candian Hitler, thanks for being the star of Chan and my comic.
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‹:Bebeka:› shouts:   19 April 2010   933308  
Yess! I'm on here :D
Motoko says:   23 April 2010   732098  

of course you are! 
‹:Bebeka:› says:   24 April 2010   113654  
I'm happy :D 
Motoko says:   24 April 2010   467449  

hehe lol   :P 
‹♥GoddessOfAnime♥› says:   24 April 2010   114841  
yays im on here :D :D :D
Motoko says :   24 April 2010   609792  
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