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I don't understand bloody Gir.

M'kay so I watching Invader Zim on youtube because a friend of mine was like I love Gir he's so cute watch him on
youtube!Watch Invader Zim.I knew it wasn't on air anymore,like most of the good shows on nick(AKA catdog and rocko's
modern life). I kept watching until episode Germs and then I noticed alot of things saying "This is why Invader Zim was
taken off air and Bloody Gir."  I had no idea what it was so I clicked on several talking about hidden images of Gir in
the theme song and other scenes in the movie. I can't find them in the show anywhere.Explain to me about Bloody Gir.I
really want to know.
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  Motoko — Page created: 2 May 2010
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‹thefirstpartisrelevant.› says:   2 May 2010   779063  
There's like this image on some advert, or the title,
where there's an image of Gir, 
covered in blood.
There's some videos that will show you the actual picture.
Motoko says:   2 May 2010   417293  
I've been watching supposed clips that its in but I can't see it.I'm going to die of
curiousity.  :P 
‹thefirstpartisrelevant.› says:   2 May 2010   573328  
hmm, let me see if I can find you one?
Motoko says:   2 May 2010   314382  
i found the one in the theme song but no others. 
‹thefirstpartisrelevant.› says:   2 May 2010   809417  

um okay, this is bad quality but you can see it.

that one seems real.

that's the best.
hope this helps!
Motoko says:   2 May 2010   930089  
Thanks!I'll still be searching. 
‹CaptainLlama~› says:   2 May 2010   552013  
I just researched that.
And. And.
It's scary. ;3;
Motoko says:   2 May 2010   798859  
Definetly.Which is why I can't pee... He might be in the bathroom.That may be my
blood!  :D  :/ 
‹♥GoddessOfAnime♥› wonders:   2 May 2010   744622  
why is that there?  
how can you get scared of an extremely blurry picture that has gir with blood on
i dont really watch that show anymore... and am not sure if i ever did. 
Motoko says:   2 May 2010   843537  
cuz its just there looking at you.convered in blood. 
‹♥GoddessOfAnime♥› says:   2 May 2010   396037  
lolllllll. id just go pee :P
seriously its still not scary 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   3 May 2010   106238  
HE'S UGLAY. And gay (UD meaning)
Motoko says:   3 May 2010   846866  
i alreday diiiid.
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   4 May 2010   778515  
Motoko says:   5 May 2010   757468  
uhuh.whats UD? 
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   6 May 2010   806844  
Urban Dictionary. 
Motoko says :   6 May 2010   330602  
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