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Oekaki Request!!!!!

OKay People IM editing this so here it goes.... Okay if you have seen my latest The Purple Blob: or Tag!: See how the colors are only added for the things that will make it less confusing......EX: the blodd in Tag!everything else is purple but the blood and the tag on the wall....Didnt it seem less confussing?? And how bout The Purple Blob if i didnt add the colors in my character it would seem really confussing on you guys when you saww it right?? OKay my point is that ill give thing ill need for your request and ill give you the prices okay so pay attention! Requesting Slip: --Emotion --Clothing --Do you want it to be your avitar? --Accesories --Skin color --Eyes --Hair --Boy/Girl?? --One or more people?? Prices: -Emotion = 0kp -Clothing = 0kp -Do you want it to be your avitar? = 3kp if yes 0kp if no -Accesories = one or more acc. then 2kp over 10 acc. then 5kp -Skin color = 0kp -Eyes = 0kp -Hair = High Lights-1kp One color-0kp -Boy/Girl?? Boy-2kp Gurl-2kp -One or more people?? two ppl-3kp more then 5-10kp
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iluvElmo says:   24 February 2008   544613  
Can you please draw me?
Head to Shoulders please and no background

and i dont have any kupika points on this acc. so i will get you the kupika points on
my other acc.

So i would haeve to pay 3 kupika points right?
‹Twilight Night› says:   24 February 2008   551692  
RIght ill get in tonight or 2marrow night i promise OMG u r the first WOW YAYEE
‹HANNER› says:   25 February 2008   155868  
Can I have onee? I want the three Kupi Point onee! (But dont worry, I'll actually
send you 5 KP, because I am so nice).
--Eyes open or closed 
Ahm... opened.

Ahm.. Like my avatar.

--Hair style
Ahm.. like my avatar, again.


‹HANNER› says:   25 February 2008   283148  
OH. My accesories, I meant YES. I want the cute little green side hat, like my
‹HANNER› says:   25 February 2008   873985  

(oh em gee.. this is spam. I should stop)
‹...Lauraa x3...› says:   26 February 2008   272657  
ok, 3 people, for head to hips ill give you 15 kp

My Avatar winking plzz

all happehh

no jewelry or notin, or accesories, i just want a simple one, though if its too much
trouble to do that then its ok ^_^

any background, tho you dont have to do one, if you dont ill still be very happy with
‹Twilight Night› says:   26 February 2008   872797  
lol ok you guys comming up ill maiing it when i get home im at skewl at the moment
and i very much cannot make em' @ skewl im verry sorry but i will be home soon

ill try my hardest ^_^

hope u like it 
‹Twilight Night› says :   26 February 2008   293446  
iok starting request
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