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Here are some of the weirdest dreams I've had so far.

I had this dream when I was in 4th grade. I was in the gym, and there are 2 doors in the gym leading outside, one
toward the right, and one toward the left. The right door was open and I saw everyone in my homeroom playing in the snow
with blue t shirts, white sleeves, and jeans on. So one kid comes up to me and said,"Come and play!" In a wierd voice.
When I stepped outside, I actually felt the cold! Then I woke up...

I forgot when I had this dream but I had it. I was in my backyard for some odd reason and it was nighttime. Then i saw a
full moon but there was one problem- the moon was RED. When I told this dream to my mom, she said that meant that a war
was approaching...

I had this one last night since I made this page. Again it was nighttime, and then I saw a shooting star. And then
another one, then more, then even more until the whole sky was filled with so many shooting stars! And I remember in my
dream I wished for something. But thats a secret! ^_O

On Sept. 18, 2008, I had this dream that me, my sis, and my two friends were walking around our development, and I saw
this dead bee on the ground but, the bee was HUGE. And then all of a sudden, I looked up to see a whole swarm of
gigantic bees flying toward us! I was like," Guys, run!" So we ran into my house and I locked up everything so the bees
wouldn't get in. When they were gone, I went outside to sit on my deck, then I saw a gray rabbit and it came onto my
deck, then I saw a brown rabbit, that came onto my deck as well, then a few more rabbits came along. Finally, a big,
white rabbit with red eyes came on. The rabbit had fangs, I considered that queer... then the rabbit nudged it's head on
my hand, but in reality, it used it's fangs to cut my hand and suck my blood. It was a vampire rabbit! Obviously, I was
bleeding but then I said," Oh, no no no rabbit! I'm not that stupid!" Then i cleaned up the wound and that's pretty much

This dream I had on 12/19/08 wasn't weird but IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! For some odd reason, me and my classmates
went on a school field trip and we went to the most AWESOMEST water park ever. It had real sand, real palm trees and
plants, and it had HUMONGUS clean pools and water slides that led to ultra bouncy, big trampolenes! And there were three
cottages, I was going to claim one, but these little kids had them first and I felt like killing them. But then the
teachers felt bad for me and gave me my own PRIVATE tatami room with a GOREGEOUS garden and my own private
swimming/bathing oasis!! I didn't want to wake up but, obviously I woke up anyways... I was SOOO angry...

This morning at 10/4/09

It was REALLY weird... First off, I was playing my Hamtaro game and there was this room that was under comstruction so I
talked to one of the hamsters. He said,"Little? You want something little? Well a crab can help us make this room so
find me one." So I wind up in my SCHOOL to find this crab. And everyone was eating the same thing in the cafeteria:
peppers covered with melted cheese. So, one pepper explodes and hits the ceiling and some generic kid said,"FOOD
FIGHT!!!" So everyone was squeezing the peppers to shoot the cheese at people and I was running like HELL. And even
worse, one of my friends was chasing me with a pepper and shot the cheese at my cheek and these 3 girls who were at my
band started chasing me too... somehow I lost them and I went to my bandroom by running on all fours. Yeahh...
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Awesome_Licous says:   7 July 2008   769859  
Whoah, cool, Oh, is it all right if I make a page like this, but it'll just be my
dreams not Weird dreams, so is it okay?
MoonBunny says:   7 July 2008   997753  
‹aquafire› says:   7 July 2008   448162  
wow thats cool!
when did u have the dream with the red moon in it?
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   7 July 2008   572883  
My friend has the weirdest dreams(including one with a bunny empire with pizza
deilvery in inder 5 minutes)>
MoonBunny says:   7 July 2008   524321  
I forgot when I had the red moon dream, but yeah. I had it. Oh, oh! I forgot to
mention, Not to long ago in December 2007, I was skiing with the skiing club and my
friend on a hill called th Sun Bowl. Before my friend and I went down, the clouds
moved to show a big full moon that was RED. Only me and my friend noticed it and I
was like,"That's cool but, that doesn't look like a good sign."
HP_Freak says:   21 September 2008   194454  
Wow...those were good...
I had one that my dad was taking us to have a vacation in space and we went to NASA.
The weird thing about it is that we walked the whole way on dark, deserted highways. 
The bad thing was we were walking to Chicago, but no one believed me.
Nahamo_Li says:   22 September 2008   929545  
Oooh! I'm gonna make a page like this! I hope you don't mind...

One time I had a dream that I was riding in the car with my parents and all of a
sudden, the road turned into a roller coaster! I told my parents and they said that
it meant my life would go through some ups and downs. Boy were they right! The next
day, my parents announced that my mom was pregnant with twins and two weeks later, my
friend's mom was diagnosed with leukemia. Wow...
MoonBunny says :   28 September 2008   927264  
Woah, and woah. That's cool...
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