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About Tsuki Mizu

This page is basically about my favorite Naruto OC that I made, Mizu Tsuki. So yeah! Name: Tsuki Mizu (Last, First) Meaning: Tsuki means moon. And Mizu means water. Yay! Age: (Age 15 Shippuden, Age 12 before Shippuden) Gender: Female Rank: Chunin. Village: Konoha Appearance: Shippuden: Personality: Mizu is known for being /extremely/ annoying throughout Konoha. People even say that she's the most annoying person in Konoha. This statement has some truth to it. Mizu's personality flaws are that she's reckless, hyper, loud, talkative, annoying, obnoxious, sarcastic, insulting, loud mouthed, stubborn, rebellious, etc. However she is also kind, extremely loyal to Konoha, friendly, sympathetic, intelligent, brave, determined, passionate, kind, optimistic, bubbly, sassy, spunky and good hearted. Most people think she's stupid and useless. But infact she has an IQ level of 188 and is quite useful on the battlefield. History: When Mizu was 3 her father Tsuki Gin died. This left Mizu's mother Tsuki Awa, and Mizu's great aunt Tokoyo to care for Mizu and her older brother Tsuki Kaji. Tokoyo taught Mizu everything Mizu knows and made Mizu who she is. Not only was Tokoyo Mizu's teacher, but also her idol, her role model, her hero. Until the fateful day Tokoyo died. It was the day after Mizu's sixth birthday. Tokoyo and a Uchiha were sent on a mission. Tokoyo's body was found a few miles away from Konoha. The Uchiha who was supposed to watch Tokoyo's back hadn't heard or seen anything. Not only did Tokoyo die, but so did her pet snake named Otohime, died the same day. The news devestated Mizu who vowed to find out who killed Tokoyo. When Mizu turned 7 she learned that a Uchiha had been the last person to see Tokoyo alive. This, combined with Mizu's dislike towards the Uchiha clan caused Mizu to hate the Uchiha clan. Adding more later! 8D
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