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One Piece!!!!

I decided to make this page because i am a complete one piece nut/TOTALY OBSESSED. In case you dont know what one piece is,i'll explain quickly. It is an anime and manga basicaly about pirates,devil fruit(that gives weird,awesome powers) if you eat one you cant swim but you get the power of the devil(different depending on what fruit you eat) like Luffy the main guy and captain on the straw-hat pirates he ate the Gomu gomu fruit(meaning rubber in japanese) so he's a rubber man....but he doesnt just oh no this is just a little hint of how strong he is and apart from his strength luffy is,well,completely mad xD luffy fan's will know what i mean. The first member of his crew(besides himself of course)is the infamous Roronoa Zoro! He uses three katana's YES THREE called the santoryu style his favourite move is ONI GIRI(demon slash) and that pic was after he did his YAKI ONI GIRI...i cant spoil but it is awesome :D Third is Nami a pirate thief with a really sad story but dont worry Luffy helps her out ^^ Usopp is a normal guy who is the funniest in the crew,because he isnt as strong as the rest he uses his mind to might sound like he's a clever strategist but not really,he specialises in moldy eggs,hammers and weapons he creates for himself.He gets scared easily --->>> Lastly i'll metion sanji(he isnt the last member of the crew but anymore would be a spoiler -__-) He is a tough sea cook who,if youre a guy,you dont want to get on his bad side but if youre a girl well you can basicaly make him do whatever you want which Nami does ALOT lol then again who wouldnt with a hot guy like Sanji prepared to die for you. Sanji kickin butt: and sanji in one of his MELLORINE moods Episode 1 part 1 Episode 1 part 2 Episode 1 part 3 I didnt make these videos ^^
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  Misao — Page created: 9 October 2007
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Iceburg says:   9 October 2007   545649  
YAY!!! But... You forgot Iceburg!
Misao cries:   9 October 2007   543358  
I know i didnt mention R***n or C*****r either 'cos it would be a spoiler ^^
Iceburg says:   12 October 2007   219428  
Misao says :   13 October 2007   728727  
Thats right,no iceburg ^^ lol i'll put some on but i wont use his name then its not
a spoiler xD

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