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Japanese Lesson #2

Ohayou!!!!!  (Good Morning)!   it is Febuary 9th 2008!!!!!!!   Oh and GOD BLESS YOU ALL THIS DAY!!!!        
                                                          Japanese Lesson #2:   
Ok students todays lesson will be on the phrases Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening,Night; and (Yes and No) And I will also
teach you some Romaji. (Japanese in English form). You know, how you all wright "cute" in japanese on your profiles
right  "kawai" Well thats Romaji! Japanese in English form!   So, Lets begin!  

Good Morning: "Ohayou"  (Ohio)  But most of the time (unless your good friends) You should say Ohayougozaimasu  Adding
the "gozaimasu" at the end shows respect! 
Good Afternoon:  "Konnichiwa" (Cone-i-chi-wa) (This is sometimes used for "Hellow") 
Good Evening: "Konbanwa"  (Cone-ban-wa) 
Good Night: "Oyasuminasai"   You only say this when going to bed. Not when you are leaving a friends house at night.   

Hajimemashite: )ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te)   (How do you do)?  You only use this when you meet someone for the first time. 
Yes: (Hai)  
No:   (IIe)  

                                                                            NOTES:    Romaji: 
A is only pronounced as "a"  As in "father" 
I is pronounced as the "ee" As in "meet" 
U is pronounced as the "oo" in "food"
When there is two of the same letters together there is a pause between them.  Ex:  Ittekimasu  (It-te-ki-ma-su).   (I'm
                                                      Well thats it for this week!    Ja ne! (See ya)!   -Mingna!!!!!!! 
  Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!
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  MingnaMahalo — Page created: 9 February 2008
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rinzi says:   9 February 2008   383148  
wow! your so kind, teaching us all japanese! Thankyou!
Lyncheh says:   9 February 2008   872474  

You do not say "CONE". O_O Trust.
‹Puppeh.› says :   9 February 2008   293787  
Oh mi goodness!

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