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Japanese Lessons #1

Domo!!! Everyone!  My name is Mahalo Mingna!  and I will be your Japanese teacher!!!!  Coming straight from Tokyo!   

Just sign up for the class! 
Then I will give you a Japanese nickname! (unless you already have one)! 
There should be a different lesson every week!   (I will let you know if I must postpone the session). 
I will also keep you updated on things that happen in Japan! And if any questions, just ask!   

Class will begin on Febuary 2nd! At 1p.m  See you there!!!!!!   Ja ne!!!!!!   (See ya)!


Ohayo!!!!   (Good Morning)!    its Febuary 2nd! I hope your all awake!   Ok lets get started!      

                                                                  Naming system!  #1 
A lot of people get the japanese naming system confused so I will explain!   Japanese people call people by their last
name first! (unless your close friends) 
Ex:  Sakura Haduno would be Haduno Sakura, or just "Haduno" Unless you were her close friends, you would just call her
Sakura-Chan,"san" or "sama"It shows RESPECT!!!!!!   REMEMBER!!!!:   Japanese people are all about respect!!!!!!   Now I
will explan the "Chan"   "San"  and "Sama" and "Kun" These are "known as name particles"They also show respect! and
rank. And is said at the end of a persons name! "Chan" is used for children and sometimes lovers! You know child
likeness.  "San" is used when the people around you no longer think of you as a child, or teens and adults.  "Kun" is
used only for men! "Sama" is the most important name particle of all it is used mainly for elders and people you highly
respect!   (Hence, your elders)       

                                                                                Examples of the usage of......  
Chan:  Sakura-chan Or Haduno-chan      Name: Sakura Haduno. 
Kun: Light-kun Or Yagami-kun                 Name: Light Yagami.   
San: Sakura-san Or Haduno-san             Name: Sakura Haduno.  
Sama: Kiyomi-sama Or Tomi-sama           Name: Tomi Kiyomi.     

Well, thats it for this week!!!! Remember to practice!!!!  And don't worry the lessons WILL get harder!  Sayonara!!!  
(Good Bye)  -Mingna!!!!!!!!!
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‹Puppeh.› says:   1 February 2008   942712  
I can't wait!
I need to improve my japanese skills!
catyboo says:   2 February 2008   358657  
i dont know any japense
rinzi says :   2 February 2008   798431  
I wanna learn Japanese!!! I hardly know any!

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