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Night Prowlers --- Chapter 2 not finished yet -- VAMPIRE STORY!! :D Please tell me what you think!!

Night Prowlers
By Mckenna Cyry Josaine (Cyry)


Chapter 1

Chaos, torture, death, a fire burning my house to the ground, with both of my parents inside. My brothers and sister
killed right in front of me, but I managed to weave my way into the forest only to be found by people who brought me to
the adoption centre. Because I didn’t talk, I was considered a mute, but I only didn’t talk, because I was afraid…
afraid of what had happened. Afraid that the same fate awaited me, even if I was with a new family. I was… terrified.

I woke at midnight only to find that no one was in the house, because when I stumbled downstairs I found a note on the
table that said ‘ Essen, we’ve gone out, try to eat something. Love, Carol and Peter.’ “Great,” I mumbled to
myself. “I, once again, am left alone.” I went back upstairs because suddenly, I wasn’t very hungry anymore (which
was the reason I went down stairs in the first place). Maybe I wasn’t hungry because I had this sinking feeling in my
stomach that these new parents didn’t really care for me at all. Anyway, I marched back up the stairs and got dressed
because I decided I was going to go over to my friends house because he said that he was having a party that was going
to last ‘till 4 in the morning, and since no one was home, I figured my newly found parents wouldn’t really care,
since, they’ve only had me for 1 week and I had been left alone in my new home 4 times already. So I just walked out
the door when I was ready and locked it behind me.

Once walking down the sidewalk, I realized that, there were way too many people looking at me. So I started walking
faster, but, everyone just kept on staring, and watching. Suddenly though, I realized, they weren’t looking at me,
but, merely, above me. So, I looked up. I didn’t even know what I saw, all I knew was I looked up and before I could
even process what I had looked at, it was flying down towards me and holding me tight so I couldn’t move and my neck
was completely exposed. Next thing I knew, I had a sharp pain in my neck and everything was going black, I fought to
stay conscious, everyone was running and screaming but it seemed to be getting quieter and I was growing so much
weaker… I could barely breathe. Everything went dark.

When I woke up, it was the next morning… or so I thought. The weird thing was, was I was in a hospital, and my
“parents” were just standing there, looking at me like I was some sort of ghost that they were looking at. Carol was
completely pale and Peter didn’t look to well himself. All I could say was “What? Do I look that terrible?” Peter
and Carol just laughed a little, nervously, and Peter mumbled to Carol “Yep, Essen’s back to his old self again.”

I sat up a little to fast and fell back over, then tried again and stayed upright. I looked around. There were doctors
and nurses everywhere! And they were all in my hospital room. I tried to say “What’s with all the people?” But,
instead I said “What-…ow!!” I bit my tongue! It was more pain then I thought it would be, so I jumped out of
surprise. I noticed that, my tongue was bleeding from the bite, and, I knew that, whenever I bit my tongue before (which
I did a lot), it never bled. So I felt my teeth with my now bleeding tongue, and, just my luck, found out that those
teeth that are only a couple away from your two front teeth, the ones that little kids called ‘Vampire Fangs’, were
in fact fangs! I yelped, frightened and confused that my teeth were that sharp, and everyone just looked at me like I
was weird, except for one doctor, and at that moment, I knew that he knew something that I didn’t know at all. 

Chapter 2

The strange doctor looked at me as if to say, ‘Come here, but come quietly.’ And then just disappeared into the
shadows of the hallway. So I got up and attempted at following, but before I could get far, my “parents” called for
me to come back to the room by hollering “ESSEN!!! Get back here this instant!”, but instead of listening to them, I
just yelled over my shoulder in response “No way! I wanna go see something!” and then I was gone as well.

I was wandering the dark hallways of the hospital that I didn’t know at all, when I heard a voice calling my name from
behind one of the curtains. “Hello?” I half-whispered while pulling back the curtain. Something grabbed me and
hauled me into that tight little space and shut the curtain behind me. Thankfully, it was the doctor. I was pretty
relieved, but I didn’t show this guy. “You are very good at picking up on what people want you to do.” He smiled
at me, and then the smile was gone. “Essen, you are not normal.” “Oh, thanks.” I remarked, kind of offended by
the comment. “No, no! Not in that manner. I mean species wise.” He chuckled slightly under his breath then motioned
for me to follow once more then opened the curtain and disappeared again. “Jeez, this guy and his disappearing
acts.” I mumbled to myself and obediently followed the strange doctor down the dark hallway once more.

We emerged in a bright room filled with little beakers and containers of blood for DNA samples. I felt really weird in
this place, like I wanted something from it, but what?
The doctor walked over to a DNA tester and gave me a hand motion for me to come over there, and at the moment I was
looking at all the blood, I wondered why, but I pushed that question to the back of my mind because somehow I just knew
that, that question was going to be answered very soon. I walked over and as soon as I got there he started talking.
“Essen, what I meant back there was, your not human…” “What the f…udge, are you talking about?” “I mean…
oh just put your finger on this.” So I did. I wished I hadn’t though, because once I put my finger where he told me
to, he turned the machine on and it pricked my finger! But, that wasn’t the worst part. I soon found out that, I
wasn’t human at all. The screen said my name and age and all that stuff, but, on ‘Species’ it said
‘Searching…’ still. Once the answer came up I was stunned! I just stood there, gaping at the screen. What it said
under the ‘Species’ category was… Vampire/Night Prowler.
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‹*~^Life_After_Love^~*› says:   23 November 2008   797938  
Midna121 says:   23 November 2008   376168  
Thanks yah!! Mhmm mhmm! :D

Ill try!
‹Ninja_Cat_Slayer› shouts:   4 January 2009   795797  
that was awesome=]...
i love vampires stories and this one is good!!!!
i so want to read more..hurry wit ch.2!!!
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ says:   4 January 2009   188848  
that wasn't a waste of time it was realy kool!i love vampire stories whenever I try
to write one I never finish it.....ya......wait!I have that one sto- wait no my mom
got rid of it...umm ya good story hope you finsh it like I never do!
Midna121 says :   4 January 2009   542542  
Okay, thanx guys!! Ill try as fast as I can!!

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