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Kagekitsue- My OC

My OC's name is Kagekitsue 'Daisuke' Uchiha. She looks like this --> Kagekitsue When she wears her Akatsuki coat it looks like this --> Kagekitsue of the Sand Village- my roleplay character (A.K.A: indepententlovesong, which is the person on photobucket which I'm getting the images from, is me so don't be alarmed...) History When Itachi killed the Uchiha clan, she survived by escaping from Itachi before he found her. An ANBU from the Sand Village named Mayomaru, which was Kage's mother's friend, came and discovered Kage then secretly brought her to the Sand and secretly trained her. Kage got her Sand Headband when she was about 8 then was able to go to the Rock Village when she was 12 to run errands. There she met Deidara. One day when Kage and Deidara were racing, Mayomaru caught Kage and Deidara then grabbed Kage away, telling her to never see Deidara again. Mayomaru was one out of many to believe that Deidara killed his parents since he was one of the few people that could master explosives in the Rock. Mayomaru was killed by Deidara a couple of days later, but Kage never knew. Kage killed her friend Mezunani cause she thought that Mezunani killed Mayomaru. Till this day, she still looks around, finding Mayomaru's true killer. More Information: In some rps on DeviantArt, Kage has Zetsu as a boyfriend. I also rp as Deidara, which joins Kage in her weird journeys.
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  Mezunani — Page created: 6 May 2008
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‹Little Miss Convienent› says:   6 May 2008   266238  
O.O you cant be OC Characters name is Kagekitsue too...and she as a
ninja fox named Kagekitsune...and the story is similar to my story...oh and about the
pictures on photobucket are you absolutely sure that you are indepententlovesong on
Mezunani says:   7 May 2008   959879  
is your OC a uchiha too? jw
InvaderArina asks:   30 May 2008   752449  
When did you make this?
Mezunani says :   31 May 2008   621923  
a couple of weeks ago, just to get myself together... and my stupid pictures were
deleted off of photobucket! >.<

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