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30 M Canada
speaks English and French
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Hello, my name is Alan Marsh, I am 21.
I am not single and with luck I never will be single again.
I am married, have been for 6 years now. I know it's surprising at my
I love my husband, that's right husband. Absolutely love him to death,
I couldn't live without him, thank god that same-sex marriage is legal

We have 2 kids, Michael, who we adopted last year on January 6, and
our daughter Sheila who was born in September this year. She is in
fact biologically both our child, we had through surrgacy, with my
husband; Coby's cousin carrying her for us. I bet your wondering how?
Well it's kind of complicated; I am a pseudohermaphrodite. I found out
about 3-4 years ago, and because of that I have a uterus(womb) and a
penis(dick) but no vagina. So about 11 months ago we found a doctor
who was willing to do the surrogacy for us after Millie(Coby's cousin)
agreed to carry. Luckily it ended happily!

Michael, is 7 years old so we're still learning about him.
Unfortunately he had a rough past, so he has a hard time trusting us.
From what I know he was taken by social services when he was 5 and was
hoping around from foster family to foster family for 2 years. He was
taken away because is mother was a drug addict and wasn't exactly
being a very good mother. I'm not sure entirely what she did, since I
only get bits and pieces from Michael and SS's(Social Services if
you're wondering). But he is a wonderful child despite his ordeal. He
once said to me that he is very happy that we adopted him, because if
we hadn't he might not of ever been. No matter what I will always love
my little boy!

Now Sheila, she's special. She is definitely a gift from above, I
don't what I'd do without her. She is a little bundle of giggles,
always smiling. She loves being around Coby, she often cries when he's
not around. Annoying, but very cute. She loves being fawned over,
especially from her big brother. Her and Michael are inseperable. If
it wasn't for the age difference you'd swear they were conjoined
twins. It is an absolute nightmare when Michael goes to school, it is
IMPOSSIBLE to get her to stop crying! But we love her none-the-less...
besides I think she gets it from me, I was very similar with my older

Me and Coby plan to have/adopt more children, when his cousin Millie
is done with her current pregnancy we're planning to have another
surrogacy. Meaning one more child and one more scar (-Sarcastic- Yay,
another scar... yippee) but it's worth it. We will adopt again for
sure but not soon, we need Michael to become more comfortable with us
first. But we want a big family, due to the fact that both of have
large families, whether be direct family (Me) or extended family
(Coby). I personally have 1 older sister 3 older brothers 6 little
brothers and a little sister. Ages (oldest to youngest including me)
28, 26, 26, 25, 21, 17, 15, 13, 12, 10, 9, 5. Huge age difference from
oldest to youngest. I also have 3 step-brothers and a half-sister.
Ages (oldest to youngest) 3, 3 , 2 , 5 mnths. My half-sister (the
youngest) is only 3 months older then my own daughter, which is
slightly disturbing...

If people want to talk to Coby, his username is GayPride14

Well now for pictures:

Me(R) and Coby(L):

it's thte same picture as Coby has, we don't have a whole lot of
pictures of Michael, yet. Oh and I know he's tiny)


(We have loads of photos of Sheila, she is very photogenic, while
Michael is photophobic)

My older sister Amanda:

My older brother Aaron:
sorry to those of you who saw the photo that was up at first, I
clicked the wrong ****ing link on photobucket, and didn't notice
thanks to:  ‹billy_BONFIRE› for pointing it out, I'm lousy at
sorting out my photobucket photos.)

My other older brother (and Aaron's twin) Andy:

(They are fraternal, obviously)

My little brother Archie:

My other little brother Andrew:

My other little brother André:

My other little brother Adrian:

My (yet again) other little brother Anthony: 

My littlest brother Adam:

My baby sister Artemis:

My step brothers Jamie and Kevin: 

My other step brother Brody:

My half-sister  Anna:

And of course I must Millie here since I owe her so much:

Well that's really all.

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two
men holding guns than holding hands?  ~Ernest Gaines

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‹→久美子←› 3 Dec 08  
MarshyIslands 5 Dec 08  
‹x_HEARTCORE_x› 2 Dec 08  
no u dont alan marsh
MarshyIslands 2 Dec 08  
Haha good.
‹Twenty-Seven Blackbirds› 2 Dec 08  
Oh, I think read your husband's profile, once. You both seem like really nice
people. (:
Welcome to Kupika~
MarshyIslands 2 Dec 08  
Hmm, really?
‹→久美子←› 2 Dec 08  
i you mind if i add you
MarshyIslands 2 Dec 08  
Sure go ahead.
‹→久美子←› 2 Dec 08  
i like it but it pissed me off after skipping many things
MarshyIslands 2 Dec 08  
Ahh but they can't exactly have every little detail from the book...
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