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This page is owned by Maria_Maelstrom.

Maria's Roleplaying Characters

In case you don't know which characters I play, or want to know more about them, I've made this page. =] Example:

Name :: Michiko Natsuyaki
Nicknames :: Michi, Koala
Gender :: Female
Age :: 17
Occupation :: Student
Hobbies :: Spending time with the cute little Japanese Shorthair that randomly shows up at will. Her parents had bought it for her as a house-warming gift. Wandering about--she doesn't have as great an eye for malice as she should.
Family :: A human Japanese mother, and an English vampire for a father.
Orientation :: Bisexual.
Status :: Single.
Eye color :: Brown.
Hair color :: Dark Brown.
Likes :: The PeaceSign necklace her mother gave her, Neko, being helpful.
Dislikes :: People who narrow-mindedly hate her, being the center of attention, the idea of death, times when Neko isn't around.
Tattoos :: Absolutely none.
Word :: Insecure.
Name :: Autumn Thomas
Nicknames :: Fall, though only Hana, her little sister, has the privilege of calling her by that name.
Gender :: Female
Age :: 17
Occupation :: Student, unfortunately.
Hobbies :: Painting, writing, listening to music, reading, morphing into a kitten (small, gray Japanese Shorthair) to visit Michiko, and practicing her German and Japanese.
Family :: Her mother, Lucia, her father, Kirk, and her little sister, Hana.
Orientation :: Bisexual
Status :: Single.
Eye color :: Sterling Gray.
Hair color :: Black, with one steak of blond in the right side.
Likes :: Being quiet, listening to silence (or white noise on the radio--no, that isn't a Kyle XY reference), watching Smallville, music of the "alternative rock" variation, the color of her eyes, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the random things that can pop into her head when she zones out.
Dislikes :: Being forced to do anything, awkward silences, being in the spotlight, and people who can't be open-minded about things.
Tattoos :: The first measure of "Hello", by Evanescence. It runs along her left collarbone.
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  Maria_Maelstrom — Page created: 23 October 2009
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Lumenol says:   3 November 2009   518405  
japanese chix?
Maria_Maelstrom says :   3 November 2009   458757  
Oh, no, the second one's English. xD

The first is half-Japanese. Half English.

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