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25 F United States of America
speaks English and German, Standard and Spanish
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 :]Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings. -Ed Gardner
ABOUT ME Cheese! I'm Madison Shaye Wilson! :D Okay, I have problems, fears, loves, and needs. Problems are, separation anxiety from my phone. Spams from random moments. Nicknames for my buddie...out of NO WHERE!and I am jealous of people with broken bones and injusries. :D Fears, falling in love, anything that crawls! EW! Loves, My six besties! My family! My pets! Needs, Foods, celly frannd, music, my iPod! most other things I can just want :D has anyone else noticed how HOT the PATD band member are? I have! :]I am 12 years old. I do not drink/smoke. I am a book worm. I believe in God, but do not go to church. I love Myspace and Facebook. My two favorite online games are Gaia and Cub Penguin. When I grow up I want to write software for phones. I have a Music addiction. I can't live without a cell phone. I am a big clutz. I have a Dad, Mom, two Brothers, two Dogs, and three Cats. My brothers and I have close bonds, as far from it as they seem. I play the piano, and I am learning how to play the flute. I love photography. If I can't write software I would like to make music videos. My favorite show is Case Closed also known Detective Conan. My Idol is my cousin Piper. I am not popular, as mush as people say I am. That is only because I have a lot of friends. I am nice but can be pushed over the edge.I don't usually have a favorite song or movie. I just like what I like. ;] My favorite author is Stephenie Meyer. I am a gadget girl Musical Lover/ Music Lover Phone Lover People Lover Obnoxious People Hater Obsesive People Hater Super oober fancy/ lacey stuff hater i hate when people say you like something, even when they just say they hated it. AND I COMPLETETLY HATE POSERS! OH, and when people copy me. It drives me INSANE WHEN PEOPLE COPY ME, and then deny it! I am a 7th grader at DMS :] and i am in chorale! i am a first sorprano. i absoloutley love disney movies! i am so happy about the follies theme this year! disney, baby! woot :] OHMYFUGGINGAWDD:D Pears are AHHMAZING! :]] Oh, by the way, hackers, HACK in here. Even though its not really hacking... but anyway if you want to. Let me know! :D My six besties in the WORLD are, my Cholo, my Jumping Buddy, Will (he don't get a nickname), John[mayson], Kyle my SEXY FRANDD, and emma! teehee!! Love you all! Hrmmiszzle. wow, i am weird... mwahahaha! ok, so i am a fooizle. My cousin is completely and totally my idol. i look up to her with everything i can look up to her with. i have a really awkward mind. just ask will, he'll tell you! :D but besides that, i am guess you could say that i am still pretty weird :] tricked you there didn't i? HA! well, i since i am soo talkitive all the time. TALK? Why do we change? is it for better? or for worse? no matter what way you are different someone will always love you for who and what you are. don't say there will never be someone like that for you cause then all you are saying is that you want attention. well most people when they realize that don't want to be your friend. i been hurt. badly before. NO FUN. i know it feels like the end of the world but sometimes we are so busy looking at the closed door we don't see the one that opened. everyone has a chance at life. it just depends how you use it. use it wisely instead of just going oh. i screwed my life up. now i am not even gonna try. then you are lame, weak, and nobody likes you. i have lost friends. i have gained friends. but through it all i learned a lot. you say stuff like i regret meeting you. but did you smile when you were there friend? i bet so. well i know you did. so don't regret it. it just makes you a coward and a hipicrit. its like saying oh i hate that dress. someone else saying they love it. and then you saying you love it right afterwards even though you said you hated it. all it is, is lame. some people get hurt bad when you say stuff thats really bitchy about them. even if they don't like you. just think next time before you act or speak. you could save so many happy memories to come if you intention at life is to make a point. not to ruin lives, to prove people wrong. when i know they are.i'm sick to my stomach, or maybe it's just butterflies. i'm crying, tears of joy? my palms are clamy. or is that sweat? i'm shaking. or maybe i just want you to hold me. then it happens... you make me yours. everything lifts off my shoulders. as if i am flying. i am warm again. you understand me. and you know when i am happy or sad. either way you make my heart race for a finish line. but where does the race end? my favorite type of day is a cold rainy day. i am emo, but i don't cut myself. emo is a title not a lable. when people call you emo, it just means you are emotional. like me. you go from crazy happy. to crazy sad. or any other type of emotion, that was just my example. so don't be like i am emo, and i cut myself. that doesn't mean you are emo, it means you want to be labled as emo. give yourself a title and people follow. give yourself a lable and people talk about you in a bad way. do it for yourself, don't lable anyone or yourself. title. love has so many meanings. nobody has the correct way of looking at it. i don't believe in love at first sight. think of it this way. you really gotta get to know the guy/girl before you love them. i don't think i have ever loved anyone. even though i say it a lot. everyone is right when they tell me i am a fool. but hey, who doesn't want to be a fool! :D i am my own person. so you either love to hate me. love to love me. hate to love me. or hate to hate me. I am happily taken. And hope i am that way for a while :]


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XxPerfect_GirlxX 4 Apr 07  
hi!!!im really cherryblossoms......Those past days my bff,
rowie....(X_x_winter_x_X) was the one who ...uhmmm...used my account and she
would call me what was new about it......that about it...
Maddieshayebae 4 Apr 07  
‹starmuncher› 30 Mar 07  
hi!! you should check XxPerfect_GirlxX......i think she is somewhat related to
Maddieshayebae 3 Apr 07  
ok nd....LOL
ArtCritic 14 Feb 07  
If I may ask myself,
would you please draw an
oakaki of my profile character?
I'm talking about the little thing
that looks like me on the side
of the Q and A box.
Maddieshayebae 15 Feb 07  
‹starmuncher› 13 Feb 07  
hi!!! wanna be friends coz i hate that fucking witch(sweetdreamer)(sorry for my
foul language)
Maddieshayebae 13 Feb 07  
sure i will be ur friend i hate he to!!! and i dont care about the language
florrosada12 4 Feb 07  
Don't u think sweetdreamer is a hoe!!!!!!!!!?
Maddieshayebae 4 Feb 07  
yea pretty much if u look on her page i put some nasty stuff
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