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This page is owned by Machi.

Machi-sama's requests pageee~ [first few drawings free, ink (mabye)]

>=D well seeing as how I don't have my tablet yet, i can't do anything advanced or use the oekaki D= but for that same reason, I don't think I'm going to charge anything~ hooray~ I'm going to experiment around on this new program I'm using, using the program it'll be a teddy bear (well, it kinda looks like a teddy bear) with your choice of shirt (as in color) and hat. Example, one i did for <tailsie> xD it looks funny because it's so cluttered, but i can fix it, this one didnt take me that long and because i already have the outline it should take me less. I don't think i want to put a price on this because it's mainly for my own amusement, but if people like it i may get mean. I also can draw by hand (mabye ink and color) then scan it and send you that way, i prefer it this way but it might take longer and I might have to charge you, i don't want to be extemely greedy so I'm going to say, mabye 1 kp each person, but if I'm being nice I'll probably give you a discount or even free. this was one of my rush jobs on gaia Ah, and also, I used to make banners, I'm thinking about restarting that, It'll be a rectangle (probably on the comp) with your name translated in Japanese, because, for some reason, people seem to like that. I don't use name-translator sites but I'm not guaranteeing 100% accuracy since some sounds don't exist in japanese, I'll try and get as close as I can though. This will aslo be 1 kp? mabye? =D Anyway, if there's something you want done and I didn't mention it, just ask and I'll see what I can do, if not, then i'll point you in the direction of someone who can. As in, if there's anyone here with a gaia, considering how complex your character is, I can try that too. [one thing I do NOT under any circumstance do, is nudity or hentai]
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  Machi — Page created: 25 November 2008
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Machi says:   25 November 2008   467893  
=D first person gets a free drawing because I'm itching to draw now, i just need
your hair color (boy or girl of course), length, possible style, mood and mabye your
favorite color~
 but i do give myself right to change certain aspects if i beleive it looks better
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 November 2008   976215  
Hair: Dark brown shoulder lenght, with layers
style: casual/ graphic tees
mood: happy
favorite color: anuthing bright, especialy blue
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   25 November 2008   391215  
and can you like do pen and paper, and scan it?
Machi says:   25 November 2008   858543  
=D sure~ i warn you, it'd might take a while to get up, I'll start it now but
because of thanksgiving break it might even take as long as  monday to get up
Machi says:   25 November 2008   371787  
ah, may i ask what name you want put on it? preferrably a realistic first name (as
in one word and no x's =, or an alias name that can translate easily)
Machi says :   25 November 2008   753762  
O___O never mind, it looks like im done already, just need to ink
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