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More About Vample

Hi everyone, its Lurking Soul. On my profile I shared a little bit of information about my home plannet, Vample. I am proud of Vample even though I'm not sure its proud of me... I have come to share with you some more information about Vample. I shall start with where I left off on my profile So Vample is in a different universe than your earth. There is your Universe, Then a wide white space. You would need to travle 5000 Years before the white space would end. Then 15 million light years before you finally reach Vample. However if some wone could live long enough to travel that, It is still impossible to get to Vample. Vample is in a group of 7 other plannets, and the 8 planets are surrounded by a ring of fire. And even if you got to my universe, there is no way for you to get in. A dragon that flies around my universe will not let any unknown life in. Scientists in my universe aren't sure why, but for some reason The creatures in my universe can go into your universe, and get there within a matter of days. (Days to me. It might be weeks or perhaps seconds to you) So I can still visit earth. Enough about Vample's astronomy. Lets talk about the internet. How can I be on Its part of the world wide web, I am not even in your universe?? Its simple dear Wanda. I type in com., org., net., whatever first then the name, then www. So right now I am on com.Kupika.www. Crazy, yes? Well I did not decide to make it like that. Now let us move on to Vample society. To Vample, vampires are evil. Thats why I am shunned, because I some what resemble a Vampire. Others on Vample look slightly different than me, here is why... I have: Greyish skin, Fangs A frown on my face. I swen on heart Bat wings They have: Bright color skin Rounded teeth Smile A real heart Bird-like wings I may draw a picture of what most look like on my planet. And because Vampires are considered the highest form of evil, Vampire studies are strickly illeagel. So I must keep my schooling a secret and my studies private. Another thing against Vample's laws are depression or any type of negative emotion or atmosphere. Thats another reason I am shunned. I like to spread depression. I am like a criminal on my plannet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else I think is intresting, I promise I shall post Bye for now ♥ Lurking Soul
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  LurkingSoul — Page created: 29 June 2007  |  Last modified: 2 July 2007
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emogirls says:   2 July 2007   777349  
hey i like it
morningsunshine says:   3 July 2007   957253  
Oh noes!
Those people are mean
Poor you
kelcylane says:   23 November 2007   724626  
i to am an outcast yet i like it. it makes me an individual.
i am starting a new breed of my people the 1st group failed me miserably.
my people start off very old(ex:100) and go down in years like my mom she hatched 100
years old she now needs my help eating,etc. im different i started off very
young,like humans,i am in fact 13 1/2 years old but smarter than most people in my
i come from Victrolia.  ok by
kelcylane says:   23 November 2007   524476  
i can speak German,Italian,English,and Victrolian. 
thte people on my planet are evil i am 3/4 evil which makes me an outcast
kelcylane says :   23 November 2007   153858  
i mean the breed of people i am making are evil my sister is 3/4 evil(not me)

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