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The Word on "Great Books to Read"

Don't know what to Read? You have a Library Card? Are you a Book Fan and Don't know what to read? The Answer is Here! JUNIOR BOOKS By: Carl Hiaason Hoot ((The Back of the Book)) Roy Eberhardt is used to the new kid-drill. His family has lived all over, and Florida bullies are pretty much like bullies everywhere. But Roy finds himself oddly indebted to the hulking of Dana Matherson. If Dana hadn't been mashing his face against the Window, Roy might never have spotted the running boy. And the running boy is the first interesting thing Roy's seen in Florida. He was running away from the school bus. He had no books, no backpack, and no shoes. Sensing a mystery, Roy sets himself on the boy's trail. The chase will introduce him to some other intriguing Floridan creatures: potty-trained alligators, a sinister pancake PR man, some burrowing owls, a fake-fart champion, a renegade eco-avenger, and several poisonous snakes with unnaturally sparkling tails. Life in Florida is Looking Up. Reading Level - Grade 5.2/ Junior Fiction The #1 New York Times Bestseller Flush By: Carl Hiaason {Praises for FLUSH} "Hiaason scores again. Fans of Spy Stories, action, environmental intrigue, and, well, Hiaason, will cheer for this one" -The Bulletin "The writing is Pitch Perfect" -The New York Times "C'mon, how can you resist a book with a toilet seat on the cover?" -Chicago Parent Reading Level - Grade 5.0/ Junior Fiction The New York Times Bestseller Inkheart By: Cornila Funke Meggie lives a quiet life alone with her father, a bookbinder. But her father has a deep secret -- he possesses an extraordinary magical power. One cruel night, as Meggie's father reads a book called Inkheart aloud, an evil ruler named Capricorn escapes the boundaries of fiction and lands in their living room. Suddenly, the two are plunged into the kind of adventure Meggie has only encountered in fiction, and they must somehow learn to harness the magic they were reading about to change the course of the story -- before it ruins their lives forever. The Duchess By: Amanda Foreman Through careful research in family and related papers, and especially in Georgiana's many letters, Foreman addresses the good and the bad. The former was manifest in a rare kindness towards and fondness for the Duke's many servants and subjects, especially at the Devonshires' stately home of Chatsworth in Derbyshire. More public was Georgiana's unusual involvement in politics as the people's Duchess, if not Princess, and it is only in this respect that the reader flags. Foreman clearly enjoys the internecine complexities of 18th-century politics and oligarchies. But although history forgets some people by accident, Foreman's parade of minor politicians deserve the obscurity from which she tries too hard to rescue them. By contrast, her re-creation of a lavish, louche and almost incredibly privileged world is excellent. Here is the warp and weft of aristocratic Georgian life in all its glory - and its ghastliness. Georgiana became a compulsive gambler, drug addict and serial adulteress. Her life holds lessons for us. A Little Princess By: Frances Hodgson Burnett When Sara Crewe arrives at Miss Minchin's London boarding school, she seems just like a real little princess. She wears beautiful clothes, has gracious manners, and tells the most wonderful stories. Then one day, Sara suddenly becomes penniless. Now she must wear rags, sleep in the school's dreary attic, and work for her living. Sara is all alone, but she keeps telling herself that she can still be a little princess inside, if only she tries hard enough. (This book can be in different covers) CREDITS Hoot- Written By: Carl Hiaason Summary By: The Back of the Book Flush- Written By: Carl Hiaason Praises By: [Extra Pages] and Back of the Book Inkheart: Written By: Cornila Funke Summary By: MyLifeUncut The Duchess: Written By: Amanda Foreman Summary: MyLifeUncut A Little Princess: Written By: Frances Hodgson Burnett Summary: Back of the Book
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Kirti says:   22 March 2009   962294  
Inkheart is such a good book! I'm rereading Inkspell before I read Inkdeath. I heard
they ruined Inkheart in the movie though...
‹Rawr ♥ its ♥ April› says:   22 March 2009   689428  
Oh, i've read Hoot.

(I never read, but i actually read this one) :D
chu says :   26 April 2009   539852  
I've read Hoot and I liked it ^^. Saw Flush but I wasn't so interested in it.

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